From Tinseltown to Tri-State Tresses

From Tinseltown to Tri-State Tresses

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Tanya Tieman, owner of Tanya’s Image
and Wellness Salon. (Greg Kuchik Photography)

Move over, Kevin Bacon. Have you heard about the “One Degree of Tanya Tieman”? That’s right, this local entrepreneur, salon owner and stylist works with many Hollywood stars in addition to her everyday clientele as a salon owner.


“My goal in opening my own salon [has always been] to create the highest quality product that was not pretentious or ‘stuffy,'” says Tieman, owner of Tanya’s Image and Wellness Salon in Hyde Park. “Instead, I had a vision to create a loving environment where service providers and clients could feel safe and really cared about.”


Tieman began working with a makeup artist for film and TV in 1996 where she was brought on sets all over the country. From there Tieman built a reputation and kept getting called back for jobs. Over the years, she has worked with news anchors, politicians, movies, commercials, bands and TV shows.


“Working in the celebrity part of my job is indeed fun. Having said that, I especially love the long-term relationships that I build with my daily clients behind my chair,” says Tieman.


She opened her first salon in the heart of Hyde Park Square in 2000. “I knew that I wanted to use nontoxic natural products that actually work,” says Tieman. “In the beginning, I found that many of the natural products couldn’t perform, which meant that I had to agree to a certain balance of products that were classified natural and those that are not. Turns out that my focus on ‘natural’ was worth it because in my search I ended up finding the best products in the global marketplace that just happen to be natural.”


In both her Hyde Park and Crestview Hills salons, there are two color lines: one that is the lowest in ammonia, and one that’s a completely ammonia-free color line.


“I am an artist at heart which allows me naturally to challenge the creative expression with myself and my ‘up and coming’ stylists,” says Tieman. “My entire styling team, who has various jobs for hair, nails, and massage therapy, has access to continued education to keep them up-to-date on the latest tips and techniques.”


Tieman often brings in “platform artists” to teach her staff the latest methods in the industry. “My team is by far the best I have ever worked with and my newer stylists have a class once a week taught by me or another brand educator. The trainings are centered on the latest breakthroughs in skin care, nail care, hair care and make up,” says Tieman.


Working with celebrities – such as her recent work with The Avengers and even The Christmas Spirit which is airing right now on Hallmark channel – also keeps Tieman on top of her game. “Celebrities are fun to work with because they want the latest and greatest products and styles,” says Tieman. “The celebrities like my work product that I give them and I genuinely leave them feeling cared for. I never exploit them or act like a know it all.”


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