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A new co-working space offers on-site childcare, giving work-from-home parents a place to get work done without the worry of finding childcare. Read on for more.


Gather Cincy is a co-working space that offers parents the chance to work while offering on-site childcare.

When you’re a working parent, the option to work from home is often a blessing. In reality though, it’s not easy to concentrate for longer than a few minutes with little ones running around, find enough quiet time to make a call, or schedule a sitter for a last minute meeting.

One local co-working space aims to change that: Gather Cincy in East Walnut Hills.

“Gather Cincy is a co-working space that provides the additional benefit of on-site childcare,” explains Gather Cincy Co-Owner Meg Cooper. “Gather Cincy’s aim is to bridge the gap between balancing a career and raising a family by providing a comfortable workspace where parents can be productive while their children are playing and learning.”

At Gather Cincy you’ll find that there are three floors of co-working space, including a conference room and private offices. The Victorian-era home turned office space is conveniently located near downtown Cincinnati as well as Northern Kentucky, Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout, and other communities near Interstate 71.

Cooper, who founded Gather Cincy with her mother Peggy Bustamante, has always been passionate about building community. “In today’s fast-paced world with demands that never seem to stop growing, community is an afterthought for many hard-working individuals,” says Cooper. “My mom and I saw that many parents were being forced to choose between pursuing a career or raising a family. Additionally, the growing popularity of working from home has left many feeling lonely and actually less productive than in an office environment.”

Cooper and her mother understand that it can be difficult to find a community to become a part of when you’re trying to bridge the gap between raising a child and working, and that’s why they hope Gather Cincy allows working parents who use the space will be able to find that community of others who are in the same stage of life and can benefit from each other’s gifts, talents, and businesses.

Meg and Peggy, the mother-daughter team behind Gather Cincy.

Aside from being the first co-working space of its kind in the city, Gather Cincy also helps parents work with a peace of mind knowing that their children are being taken care of while they work.

“This is the only co-working space in Cincinnati that provides this service,” says Cooper. “While many co-working spaces are geared toward startups and small businesses, Gather is geared toward work-from-home parents, although some members do not have children and just appreciate the delightful space to work and enjoy the others in the community.”

Cooper also says that the Gather Cincy community itself is unique in that its members are encouraged to build networks and develop relationships with others who visit the space. “Members are also encouraged to share their skills and talents by teaching seminars and hosting workshops for members and the outside community,” adds Cooper.

The grand opening of Gather Cincy is June 1 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. There you can check out the space and also get to know Sapna Gupta, who will be offering legal office hours at Gather Cincy through her law firm SAPG Legal.

When asked what Gupta liked about the space at Gather Cincy, she says she enjoys its location within the city’s flourishing business community. “In the heart of East Walnut Hills, where several small businesses are emerging and growing, Gather Cincy is perfectly situated to serve the needs of the community,” says Gupta. “I love the Gather Cincy business model, location, and the space.”

Gupta says she also enjoys the idea behind Gather Cincy and its passion for creating a co-working space that fits the needs of business owners and parents alike.

“It’s the first space of its kind that I have seen that is tailored toward entrepreneurial parents – offering the opportunity for private office space, co-working, and childcare within the same building,” says Gupta. “The environment that Meg has created is conducive to several different types of businesses in all phases of the business life, and affords parents a work-life balance without having to sacrifice one for the other.”

Sapna Gupta will offer free business legal hours once a week at Gather Cincy.

Because Gupta is a Business Law attorney, she can meet with the entrepreneurs who visit Gather Cincy and speak with them on a number of different legal and business matters.

“I realized that legal consult is not a very approachable subject for business owners, especially at an affordable rate,” she explains. “About 5 years ago, I pioneered my firm’s community outreach program, offering legal consult to business owners in New York City through a government program called NYC Business Solutions, and have decided to offer that same type of service here at Gather Cincy.”

Those who are interested in meeting with Gupta can chat with her for her office hours from 11 am to 12 pm every Wednesday for free legal consult. These conversations can include basic startup advice on incorporation, corporate structure, forming partnerships, and legal tips. Gupta says she will also offer advice on contracts like employment agreements, vendor agreements, commercial leases, mergers and acquisitions, corporate transactions, licensing, immigration, creditor-debtor transactions, and bankruptcy.

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