Gorman Heritage Farm Drive-Thru Sale

Gorman Heritage Farm Drive-Thru Sale

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A local farm created a new way for you to stay socially distanced while shopping and supporting local.

Gorman Heritage Farm prides itself on tending to the community’s nutritional needs and agricultural education. Now, more than ever.

“Gorman Heritage Farm is a nonprofit working farm located in Evendale, Ohio, with a mission to educate about agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment,” explains Gorman Heritage Farm Executive Director Tricia Watts. 

Watts says the farm has been in continuous operation since 1835 when brother and sister Jim and Dorothy Gorman witnessed neighboring farms being sold away to subdivisions and corporations. 

“They wanted to be sure their farm stayed a place where kids of all ages could come to learn about the importance of farming and where food comes from,” says Watts. “In the late 1990s, they gifted the farm to the community to be a nonprofit organization open to the public.” 

To continue to serve customers while the Stay Safe Ohio order is in place, Gorman Heritage Farm is offering a drive-thru sale. 

According to Watts, the sale will be held Thursday, May 7, from 5-6:30pm. The sale allows people to pre-order plants and local products by clicking here. Watts says to place orders soon as many products are quickly selling out. Additionally, customers also have the opportunity to pre-order fresh pasture, whole raised chickens for pick-up the same day. 

“We also raise small quantities of beef, pork, and turkey,” she says. “All of which must be pre-ordered and sells out quickly.”

Gorman Heritage Farm is currently scheduling visits for members on an appointment basis, but is hoping to welcome the public later in May. 

You can learn more about Gorman Heritage Farm at www.gormanfarm.org. You can click here to learn more about becoming a member. The Farm is also on Facebook and Instagram.