Green BEAN Delivery’s New Corporate Service

Green BEAN Delivery’s New Corporate Service

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Green BEAN Delivery launches a new Corporate Service to create a healthier work enviornment and staff

Pizza at meetings, donuts in the break room, candy at the receptionist’s desk. The office can easily be a healthy diet’s demise.


That’s why one local company, Green BEAN Delivery, is launching a new Corporate Service that works directly with corporate partners to help their employees eat healthier.


“We launched this new service to encourage a community-based approach to health and wellness in the workplace,” says Lincoln Saunders, Director of Public Affairs for Green BEAN Delivery. To make this program a success for corporate partners, Green BEAN Delivery will provide the following free tools to help the employees’ realize their healthy eating goals:


· Hosted Q&A sessions to introduce staff to the service
· Recipes, tips and resources that enable lasting diet changes
· Access to a nutritionist for advice and programming
· Reporting to track participation in the program


Green BEAN Delivery is an online home delivery service that distributes organic, local and sustainably grown foods directly to Cincinnati consumers’ doorsteps. Husband and wife team Matt Ewer and Elizabeth Blessing, founded Green BEAN Delivery to make organic produce and natural groceries convenient, affordable and accessible to Midwest communities.


Green BEAN Delivery’s network of local farmers and artisans — and year round service — gives members a healthy alternative to conventional grocery stores, all while supporting local farmers and artisans.


To get started, consumers should visit the website and create an online order, which consists of the produce bin of your choice (five options to choose from) and delivery frequency (weekly or biweekly). Each produce bin is 100 percent customizable, and you can even add local dairy, meats, bread and other grocery products. All products are all-natural and free of additives and preservatives. Members can choose from more than 400 products available each week.


“Additionally, we offer a second option for delivery to the workplace,” explains Saunders. For companies that want to ensure employees have access to healthy snacks while at work, Green BEAN Delivery’s Break Room Bins program is now available to businesses throughout Greater Cincinnati. Through this service, Green BEAN Delivery provides fresh fruits, coffee and other healthy snacks to office break rooms via weekly deliveries.


Businesses of all sizes can partner with Green BEAN Delivery to provide employees access to organic produce and natural groceries. These partnerships are provided without start-up costs, additional management fees or contracts. “We will work with each company to develop incentives that encourage participation and provide benefits back to the employees and business,” says Saunders.


Green BEAN Delivery partners have been thrilled with the rapid success of this program. “We have heard from many of our partners that diet was one of the toughest problems to tackle when it comes to improving employee health and wellness,” says Saunders. “By encouraging employees to use our convenient home grocery delivery service, they can be confident that their employees are able to access some of the freshest, healthiest foods in the Midwest.”


“We are currently working on several exciting projects with our wonderful community partners, including the Cincinnati Zoo and our EcOhio Farm,” says Saunders. Keep your eyes out for some really exciting Green BEAN Delivery news in 2014!

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