Hassle-Free Home Decorating

Hassle-Free Home Decorating

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Jessica Goldberg always had an entrepreneurial flare. "I have always been interested in innovation and have always had small businesses I was testing," says Goldberg, co-founder of Roomations.


Once she got her own place, the interior design bug bit her as she tried to create the perfect atmosphere that fit both her personality and the function of having people over for dinner parties. She wanted to create an atmosphere that was open, yet cozy and inviting to her guests, Goldberg says.


With a degree in business, Goldberg found herself at a job where she developed the layouts and designs for a chain of pizza restaurants. "We wanted the restaurants to be inviting for families and to be a destination for their evening," she says. She decided to quit this job for a new career when a simple idea from college began to take life.


While in college, Goldberg and two of her friends thought up the idea of a company that pairs customers with interior designers at an affordable price without hassle and pressures. From this, Roomations was born. The friends believed in its purpose for people so much that they created a business plan and began entering it into competitions.


After winning competitions the friends decided they had to go for it and put this business plan into action. They enrolled into Bad Girl Ventures, a micro-loaning agency that help give women the tools they need to make their own business dreams into successful realities.


"Bad Girl Ventures was a phenomenal experience," says Goldberg. "It was great to meet a group of like-minded women and to get their perspective on where the business should go. The people you meet in Bad Girl Ventures understand some of the struggles you have on a daily basis and also understand your successes."


Roomations make customized interior design not only affordable but also easy, she says. The price ranges from $225 to 500, based on which design package is chosen. Roomations is a website that brings customers together with interior designers and cuts out all the time-consuming hoopla.


To start, users go online and select a package, which can be to design one to up to three rooms. Clients then fill out a very detailed style questionnaire. This "assesses the colors toward which you gravitate, material preferences, layout, budget and even your current lifestyle," Goldberg says.


After uploading a picture of the room (or rooms) customers want designed, the people at Roomations match them up with a designer that will best fit their needs and style. In a matter of days, the designer presents the client with a picture-like design of the new room, which is developed using 3D software. If a customer isn’t satisfied, he or she is able to go through rounds of modification, and at the end of the process, he or she is given a shopping list of the items used.


"Designers use furniture and products from big-box retailers that are easily accessible and affordable," says Goldberg. "Our designers can use items that you already own in the design – just send along a picture of the couch or table you want to keep, and it will be incorporated into your new room."


From designing restaurant layouts to helping those create the perfect atmosphere in customers’ homes, Goldberg is putting these innovations and entrepreneurial skills to work while turning an idea on paper into a full-fledged reality.


For more information on Roomations or to get started designing a room, visit them at www.Roomations.com.