High Heeled Success

High Heeled Success

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Kay Fittes, founder of High Heeled Success


They say “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” That’s exactly the idea behind “High Heeled Success,” the business that career coach and motivational speaker Kay Fittes launched to help her fellow business women.


When most women walk into their workplace, Fittes says, they know how to please their company and clients, but what about themselves? That’s where High Heeled Success comes in. Fittes helps her clients learn “the other skill set” as she calls it.


Through her own experience, Fittes discovered that women are taught lessons from early on about how women should be, and what their limitations are. High Heeled Success was founded to unlearn those lessons. “We prevent women from shooting themselves in the foot at work,” says Fittes.


Fittes’ seminars, workshops, consulting work and coaching sessions focus on a variety of issues, such as managing perfectionism, learning verbal and non-verbal power, taking credit for contributions, negotiation, presentation skills, and more.


Through High Heeled Success, Fittes has witnessed many women benefit in big ways. She says they’ve been able to command more respect in the workplace, land positions, create name recognition with workplace and industry “top dogs,” and receive promotions and higher salaries from their work.


After re-vamping, and re-naming her company, previously titled “Strategies for Women Growth,” she is now focusing on building her brand to be more easily recognizable and focused on women, making a special effort to remind younger women they are welcome, too.


With the re-branding process, Fittes also launched the “Six P’s for High Heeled Success” concept. Fittes consolidated the six most important aspects to a successful woman in the work place with these traits; powerful professional and personal esteem, powerful verbal and non-verbal language, and powerful presentations and packaging.


Although Fittes has presented more than 2,500 times reaching upwards of 50,000 women, teaching strategies for success just wouldn’t be the same without seeing even more success on her own horizon. Her keynotes, seminars, and workshops have become so popular, Fittes is taking High Heeled Success to the next level with a book.


Fittes recently authored “Achieving High Heeled Success: 50 Ways for Career-Oriented Women to Succeed,” and expanded her workshops from solely workplace-sponsored training, to a public market.


In 2013, Fittes will offer a three-day, interactive retreat for women to learn the High Heeled Success skills. She also plans to continue her work on an at-home study course that covers skills more in depth than time allows during workshops and seminars.


To learn more about Fittes and her High Heeled Success, visit www.highheeledsuccess.com.