How To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance As A Woman In Business

How To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance As A Woman In Business

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Cincinnati is the 19th best city for work-life balance, according to a study by Kisi. It has also been consistently ranked as the best place to live in Ohio in recent years. With a growing list of employers promoting better work-life balance and booming entrepreneurship, the state is quickly becoming a desirable one for many women. For instance, women-friendly employers like American Express now support remote working and provide paid time off in a bid to encourage their female workers to gain a better work-life balance. From planning their home remodels to attending soccer practices and leading businesses, women juggle multiple roles daily. So what is the trick to succeed in the delicate work-life balancing act? Implementing boundaries between work and home, employing nifty organizational tricks, and relying on helpful tools to make the process easier.

Create Structure And Organization In Your Day

As more women entered the workforce or took up entrepreneurship, more pressure has been placed upon them to juggle personal and career goals. In an article titled “What America Lost as Women Entered the Workforce”, Emma Green claimed that women were at the core of volunteering for their kids’ schools, community causes, and political events. Having consistency and organization in your day means you can plan better, and know what to expect. Not only is this ideal for maintaining a good work-life balance as a woman, but it is also a good tool for minimizing stress- at work and home. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), women are more likely to report being stressed than men.

To become more organized in your work and home commitments, start incorporating small habits like creating a to-do list daily, declutter your desk and wallet /purse and plan your meals for the week before heading to the grocery store. To help you meal plan for the week ahead, you can use a meal planning template. For help staying more organized in administrative or home maintenance tasks, use apps like Evernote for notes, Strides for setting goals (or a to-do list), and HomeZada for home maintenance and repairs tracking. For instance, when looking for a plumber Indianapolis residents may find prices differ when compared to Cincinnati due to the higher cost of living and hourly rates.  HomeZada provides a home maintenance calendar and can also track financial details like fluctuating repair costs.

Learn To Separate Your Personal And Professional Commitments 

In the age of working remotely, separating your work and personal life can become tricky. Start with carving out strict working hours. If you are working from home, aim to have a designated workspace that you can work from uninterrupted for the time. Similarly, set aside uninterrupted personal time for yourself and your family. Keep the 2 completely separate so that you can focus on each one during their designated hours. This will help you avoid the common spillover and may even boost your efficiency.

Find A Way To Balance Your Finances Continuously

Financial stress can affect physical wellbeing and work performance. This in turn can impede your work-life balance. Money was the leading source of stress for 44 percent of Americans in a Northwestern Mutual Survey. The best approach to minimizing financial stress is keeping up to date on your finances regularly so that you can be proactive about managing them. Using a budgeting app like YNAB, Mint, or Simplifi By Quicken is a good place to start. Poor financial health and management can mean you are left in debt and working longer hours to keep up with your bills. This, in turn, means fewer hours to designate to your personal commitments.

In the end, maintaining a good work-life balance comes down to knowing how to prioritize and utilizing the right tools. Remember that these changes need to be sustainable and long-term for the benefits to truly be realized. Feel free to continuously re-evaluate and change your approach as you need to. As you go through the stages of life, your idea of a work-life balance may change- and so should your approach.