Howie Dunnit: Internet Marketing and Consulting

Howie Dunnit: Internet Marketing and Consulting

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Les Fultz, CEO and Founder of Howie Dunnit

Les Fultz, CEO and founder of Howie Dunnit says he first gained inspiration in 2008 when Cincy Chic‘s very own, Amy Scalia, recommended the book “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing your Business with Google.” At the time, Fultz was working for a local carpet-cleaning firm. “Amy’s enterprise was still in its infancy at the time, but her excitement and success was certainly a driver,” recalls Fultz.


Two years later, the opportunity to start his own business presented itself and Fultz took a leap of faith. With 10 years of sales, marketing, and mastering internet strategies under his belt he felt he had the upper hand. In 2010, he opened Cincinnati Maintenance an eco-friendly floor care company serving homes and business throughout the Tri-State. He knew that investing in generating relevant content, designing a site geared for conversation, producing quality online videos, and engaging with customers would drive business. By 2012, Cincinnati Maintenance had added 250 new clients and increased sales by nearly 40 percent — all by using these organic internet marketing tactics.


“Then, everything stopped. The phone quite ringing. I knew there was a problem. Sabatoge? Violation of terms of service?” says Fultz. “Our places or maps listing was gone from Google.” At the time, Google was launching Google+. During this integration, there was a link error that caused a dramatic drop in visibility. After more than two years of developing his online brand presence, Fultz had to start over. It took nearly a year to get the same activity back from Google, and in the fourth quarter last year, they finally made a comeback.


“Most businesses are not up to speed and some are not truly seeing the benefits, but also may not know that something as simple as a business listing is effecting their bottom line,” says Fultz. This experience of exponential growth to losses is what ultimately sparked the inspiration behind Howie Dunnit.


Howie Dunnit, an internet marketing and consulting business, launched in January 2014. “Many marketing companies may not be able to share the same story. I knew there were a lot of small businesses that could benefit from the expertise our team brings – we have assembled the best,” says Fultz. From a consulting and quality control standpoint, Fultz leads his team on content development, video production, web-design, graphic design, and print.

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Upon visiting the Howie Dunnit website, there are simple forms designed to built the “snapshot” of your business online. Once this data is captured, the team gets to work right away. “We look at it all. Where are you? What’s missing? Who’s your competition? What is your goal? Who is your ideal customer?”, says Fultz. Within 24 hours of analyzing each website’s content, business listings, videos, and email marketing, a “Howie’s Marketing Report Card” is produced. The report identifies the areas in need of improving and reasons as to why you may not be seeing the results you desire.


The average cost for consultation and an internet marketing plan is $400. This includes 30 days of live support, business listings updates, and social platform optimization. However, each client’s needs are different and some may require extra work up-front. Due to this, pricing is often based on the amount of workload.


What makes Howie Dunnit different than competitors is the staff’s experience and education, according to Fultz. “Our services include a la carte, such as websites and videos, but the core is consulting and subscription based social media and internet marketing service,” Fultz explains. “We recommend at least six months for most clients. Again, focusing on education and empowering them to manage these assets on their own, while still offering support.”


Right now Fultz is working on a virtual format for the business, to provide services to anyone around the world. Fultz hopes that by this time next year they will be working from a more centralized office with increased collaboration and efficiency. “The story of Howie is fun to tell, and we really enjoy helping our clients grow their business online,” says Fultz.


To learn more about Howie Dunnit or to get your Free Marketing Report Card, visit or call (513) 827-6151.