Identify Your Money Personality with SheMoolah

Identify Your Money Personality with SheMoolah

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Read about an upcoming event to help you nail down your money personality.

Have you ever thought about why, where and how you spend your money?

SheMoolah believes that by understanding and joining forces with your money archetype, or money personality, you will introduce new riches and lead a more fulfilling life. 

Are you a Maverick, an Alchemist, a Romantic or one of the other 8 money personalities?  How averse are you to risk? How do you feel about giving money to the less fortunate versus investing for future growth?  In order to better manage your money you must first recognize your positive and negative money patterns, find clarity and create a plan to proceed forward.   

“When you understand how money impacts your decision and relationships, you can understand how to make better conscious choices for the future” said Dawn Parks, co-founder of SheMoolah.  “If we can fall in love with our personality, we can identify how we are helping or hurting our ability to achieve life and financial goals.”

Liz Kitchell, co-founder of SheMoolah added “Once we recognize our money personalities, we can have more effective, transparent discussions with ourselves, team members, planners and significant others.”

Take a sneek peek of SheMoolah’s Money Personality event by joining their event on April 14th at 11:30am ET on Zoom. SheMoolah will walk through how each personality type deals specifically with budgeting, money details, accumulation, spending and investing for the future.  

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