Jack “Out of the Box”

Jack “Out of the Box”

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John Greiner, author of “Jack Out of the Box”

A lawyer’s blog. Sounds boring, right? Yes, but with one exception: John Greiner’s “Jack Out of the Box” blog. Focusing on the world of media and communications law, Greiner says to think of his blog as “CSI: Miami,” without all of the corpses.


Greiner, an attorney at Graydon Head, launched his now quite popular blog in September 2009 after friend, Dan Lally, suggested that he write a blog. “Another lawyer I knew said I shouldn’t start a blog because ‘no one ever keeps them going’ – so I took that as a challenge,” laughs Greiner. “I have posted two to three times a week ever since.”


As Greiner quotes on the blog, “I plan to update the blog at least weekly. Really. It’s not like when I used to promise my mom to clean my room once a week – I’m more mature now.”


Jack “Out of the Box” covers the world of media and communications law with the intent to explain legal issues in a way that non-lawyers find informative and entertaining. “I like posts that I can get passionate about,” says Greiner.


Since its launch, Jack “Out of the Box” has established a settled format. Greiner will typically link to an interesting article then provide his reaction. He’s also now incorporating videos and photos to help reinforce the content for readers.


“I recently posted about the Ohio Attorney General’s refusal to release the surveillance footage in the Beaver Creek Wal-Mart shooting,” he continues. “I really disagree with that decision and I got the chance to make my feelings known. I have also blogged about the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to video oral arguments – and I enjoyed the chance to ridicule their indefensible stance.”


His passion for blogging stems from the fact that it forces him to stay current on the area of law that he spends most of his time on. “I just attended a national conference on media law and there was not a topic that I was unfamiliar with, which makes me a better lawyer and more valuable to my clients,” he says. “My one and only goal is to provide the best service I can for my clients – and writing blogs helps me advance this goal.”


Greiner also writes a thoughtful, provocative column, always with a gentle lesson, called “Everyday Faith” for the St. Mary’s Bell, his church newsletter. As an attorney specializing in media law, he endeavors to be a reporter’s lawyer. He knows how to make stories safe without sanitizing them. Knowing how to write, he knows how to keep a story readable. “You could make a publication absolutely safe if you wrote it like a legal brief,” he says. “But no one would want to read it.”


To learn more about Jack Out of the Box, click here. “The blog features shorter pieces, and ideally, reader feedback,” Greiner says. “I would love more readers and more comments!”