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Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency

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This local tech guru helps businesses thrive through her marketing agency, and inspires personal development through her conferences and a new e-book launching soon.

Kendra Ramirez, founder of Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency

Technology is such an integral part of our daily lives, and Kendra Ramirez saw an opportunity in sharing her love of technology with the world. 

Ramirez is the founder of Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency, a digital sales and marketing agency. 

“We solve lead generation and talent generation problems for our clients,” explains Ramirez. “We do this through building websites, inbound marketing, and recruitment marketing services.”

Ramirez says the inspiration for her business came from the love of technology and helping others navigate technology to grow their own businesses. 

“Technology and strategy is easy for us,” she says. “It is our natural gift and fun to problem solve on a daily basis. We have talked with many businesses over the years that consider themselves a best kept secret and we love helping them shout from the mountain tops how amazing they are so that they aren’t a secret anymore.”

In developing relationships with businesses and clients, Ramirez finds her own inspiration in doing so. She says that she enjoys working with clients who give back to the community while also fulfilling their own dreams. 

She says she finds inspiration in entrepreneurs as she cheers them on, mindset coaches who can help unlock limited beliefs for others, and her family, who offers love and support in the work that she does. 

The journey to where Ramirez is today hasn’t been a straight and narrow path. “My journey to getting here has been all about making shifts,” she explains. “Listening to our client needs and evolving to meet those needs. I started 14 years ago as a digital training and strategy business. By listening to our client needs, we had to evolve the business and add in additional services.”

Today Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency is a full-service business that offers not just strategy but also execution. “We have grown to a team of eight full-time employees and serve clients around the world,” she adds. “We are so grateful that we get to do this work.”

It’s not just the dedication to customers that makes the Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency unique. Ramirez Says, when working with clients, the agency takes a look at the business holistically, not just through a marketing lens. 

“We have grown up in business development and recruiting before getting into marketing,” she explains. “We work with our clients to pull all the pieces together and tie it back to their business strategy. Our clients love our consultative approach to addressing their needs. We aren’t just task masters. We ask lots of questions to understand the real issues and concerns of our clients before jumping in. We have worked with over 700 companies in the past 14 years. There is massive value in the combined learnings over the years.”

Ramirez says that she’s looking forward to the New Year as she releases an e-Book in January.

“It is a collection of tips by marketers and things they wish they knew when taking on a role in marketing and the nuances of being a marketing team of one,” she says. 

Ramirez is also busy planning her Reset Conference on January 30 from 9am-12pm. “We have three amazing mindset speakers that will be sharing tips on how to set yourself up for the best year yet,” she adds.

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