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Laura Rupp started Laura Rupp Consulting in 2009.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a simple question that kids are often asked beginning at a young age, with varying answers as they grow up. But as college draws closer, a confident answer becomes immensely more important. A wavering response once in college can lead to switched majors, exorbitant tuition fees and lost time.


That’s why Laura Rupp started her business, Laura Rupp Consulting, four years ago. “With three teenagers of my own, I understand how the emotionally charged, life-changing decisions about college, major and career can stress a family out,” she explains. “I was inspired to start my business when my own kids were in high school and I experienced first-hand the pressure they were under to make the right choice for their future.”


Rupp uses her background knowledge and personal anecdotes as skills to provide a way for students to understand what would be a good fit and why. “I could see that my kids and their peers would be benefit from having a better way to choose a major than just starting in something and hoping it would stick,” says Rupp


College is too important to dive into and hope for the best, Rupp adds, noting that the high price of college tuition makes it an expensive experiment. “Many students pick a major based on what other people think they should do,” Rupp explains. “They are living in a confusing and noisy world and need a better way to make decisions and define what they want for themselves.” That’s where Rupp can help with her consulting services.


The Laura Rupp Consulting works is that when a client is ready, Rupp emails a link for a Birkman Assessment, which the student completes online. Immediately upon completion, the student will receive an individualized About U Report℠ which clearly shows personal interests, strengths, career matches, motivators, and work style. Then, Rupp meets with the student in person, by Skype, or over the phone to discuss the results and how they align with the assumptions the student and parents have made about college, choice of major and/or eventual career. This package of services begins at $349.


“Most students find the About U Report℠ liberating and full of truth,” says Rupp. “Parents find that their teen now has a resource which provides focus and direction.” According to Rupp, this open and honest dialogue can provide clarity and remove some of the fear associated with these huge decisions regarding the future.


“Helping students understand what they want, not what someone else wants for them, inspires me in my work and I look forward to helping many more students,” says Rupp. By providing them with a clear understanding of who they are and how they operate, Rupp adds, they are more prepared to develop their potential and have a useful guide for making decisions regarding their future.


“I’ve talked to many adults who look back and realize they made choices based on someone else’s idea of what they should do in life. They end up stuck in a career that isn’t satisfying and are doing something they never really wanted to do,” says Rupp.


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