Life Among the Cheeseheads

Life Among the Cheeseheads

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Graduating college, beginning a new career and moving to a completely new city are ingredients for adventure. Aviva M. Cantor, a 2010 graduate of the University of Cincinnati has recently begun a new chapter of her life by moving to Madison, Wisconsin and becoming an assistant editor for, a fashion e-commerce Web site. Using her first love of writing, Cantor began a blog, Aviva in Dairyland as a way of motivation to explore her new home, but more importantly as a way to document this exciting time in her life.


Cantor’s first and most important piece of advice to adventurous women pertains to going after what they want, she says. "Find a career path that truly interests you, and go to college for a degree that will specifically help you achieve that goal. Your degree should indicate your career and your future," Cantor says. Taking her own advice, she did just that and unknowingly began her own adventure.


During her junior year of high school, Cantor started thinking about career paths. Although she considers writing to be her first love, she says she didn’t think going to college to learn about something she already knew about would hold much interest for her. Even though she isn’t sure how she decided on a fashion merchandising major, Cantor says she’s certain it’s related to her background in figure skating. She started skating at four years old and ever since she can remember, she has designed and styled her own costumes for competitions and shows. "Through figure skating, fashion became my second love," she says.


While attending UC, Cantor earned a degree in fashion design, a certificate in journalism and squeezed in eight internships ranging from apparel design, footwear design, visual merchandising e-commerce, social media, publishing and broadcasting. These opportunities helped Cantor reach an important conclusion on what kind of career she wanted after graduating, she says. "I love to design, and I love to write, but I am best off at a job that is somewhere in between," Cantor says. This goal is realized in her assistant editor position.


Now that Cantor is beginning her dream job, that’s when the real adventure truly begins moving to the state of Wisconsin, 900 miles away from her family and friends in North Carolina and 500 miles away from her college friends in Cincinnati. But Cantor is staying very focused on making friends and getting to know the area, all while settling into actual adulthood, she says. Through her outgoing personality and a love of experiencing new things, she has quickly fallen in love with her new home. By keeping a blog, she has been recording things that have happened to her while in Madison. It has also replaced the answer to the repetitive question from her family and friends: "How’s Wisconsin?"


She usually replies by saying, "It’s great! Read my blog about it," she says.