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Lindale Golf Academy

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Melissa Kirkpatrick, Owner of Lindale Golf Club

All work and no play? Get a balanced dose of both at Lindale Golf Academy, where you can socialize with other business women, be inspired, and build friendships – all while taking in fresh air, exercise and social contact.


Melissa Kirkpatrick, owner of Lindale Golf Club, knows first-hand the correlations between golf and life lessons. She hopes to share the sport and knowledge with other women interested in learning golf basics while supporting them as they discover much more than just the game of golf.


Since purchasing the course five years ago, Lindale Golf Club has established itself as a well-maintained course at an affordable price, according to Kirkpatrick. In addition to the day and evening leagues, special events and outings, they are now offering the golf academy for beginner women golfers.


The golf academy is a six-week training ground package that can be one-on-one ($650) or with groups of three ($450 per person). The instruction will include the on-the-course play as well as material distributed through Facebook, the club website, and conference calls. Following completion of the training, packages and discounts will be offered to participants.


For the Women’s Academy, Lindale will be offering sessions from mid-September through October this year. Next season there will be sessions offered throughout the year. “I’ll be the leader in the training offered both on course and off-course instruction,” says Kirkpatrick. “This program is to offer women who are new to the game, or feel they want to develop the confidence of playing, hands on guidance and instruction.”


The environment of the sessions will be on the 18-hole public course and will be broken up into instruction categories such as: Speak the Lingo, Find your Swing, Feel Confident, Trust Yourself (on the course and off!), and Let Go and Have Fun.


“My mission is to give women the experience of finding their game and discovering the relationship between golf and life,” says Kirkpatrick. “Women playing golf is slow growing and I want to take it to the next level for women by bringing laughter, relationships, and finding an outlet from their day-to-day activities by allowing them to take time for themselves and finding self-care in playing golf.”


Kirkpatrick says it’s unique to make women the focus on the golf course like they are at Lindale. “We know this area is saturated with golf courses, but where does one start if they have never played or only played a few times? How many times are women offered to play but feel reluctant because of this? We are going in unchartered territory by taking the leap of faith to branch out from our traditional clientele of male golfers and find those women golfers who want to achieve personal growth,” says Kirkpatrick. “Women are the leaders in most families, so their passion for the game will trickle down to their children, which are the future of the sport.”


According to Kirkpatrick, the academy builds confidence, not unlike business and sales training courses. “We are building that confidence and finding our own game on the field,” she explains. “We invest in training programs all the time, so what better way than investing in ourselves for an opportunity to grow and develop ourselves, as well as with others?”


Next season, Lindale will be offering a larger array of events for women including tournaments, special fundraising events, leagues, as well as scrambles and their mixed couple’s league. “My vision for the future is to incorporate this program with young at-risk women, ages 25 to 35, who are tempted or already turning to drug, alcohol, or unhealthy behavior to mask their emotions and feelings – who need the support and guidance to overcome these barriers,” says Kirkpatrick.


To learn more, visit, “like” them on Facebook or e-mail Kirkpatrick at to schedule a half-hour phone session to discuss details and expectations of the program. “Don’t be concerned if you don’t have clubs, shoes or golf attire – we can assist you,” says Kirkpatrick.