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Michelle Class, President and CEO of
Marketing with Class

Marketing with Class is a marketing consulting firm in Greater Cincinnati that specializes in assisting professional service firms and small to medium-sized business with analysis, strategy, and impact. Michelle Class, President and CEO of Marketing with Class, is the leading lady when taking care of marketing needs.


As a tenured marketing executive, Class left Corporate America to pursue her dreams of owning her own small business. “Once I decided to leave, I wasn’t sure where my next step would be,” she says, “but as a mother of three at the time, I wanted to do what was right for my children.” After numerous referrals from her previous marketing department, she decided to launch Marketing with Class in November 2010.


During her first year in business, Class had just one client – a prior account of hers – who she worked with a few hours a week. As she added more clients, Class’ company continued to grow over the years. Today, she currently works with 12 clients including CICPAC, The Circuit, Cameron’s Cause, and Eye 4 Design Interiors.


Marketing with Class aims to help companies plan, manage and achieve their marketing goals while providing innovative marketing services to catapult companies ahead of their competition. They work to implement company plans, evaluate company plans, and help formulate strategies. The core services offered are strategic marketing planning, marketing evaluations, digital marketing, and an outsourced marketing director.


The pricing at Marketing with Class is structured to meet the needs of the clients. “I will sit down with a client for an hour or so to build a scope of the project and ensure we are focusing on the right efforts in order to get the best results. I pride myself on sticking to their budget and trying to focus on what they, as a client, can get out of this,” says Class. Marketing with Class offers monthly retainers, hourly billing, and by-project billing to accommodate their clients’ needs.


“When looking into what makes the business unique, I think the one thing that I always come back to is that I’ve been in the business for 15 years and I’m a Rock ‘n’ Roll marketer,” says Class. “I’m built on a solid foundation of experience, education and training, I am able to jump in at any level to assist with projects, and I keep the ball rolling by focusing on the end product.”


On the horizon, there are great things in store for Marketing with Class, says Class. She recently hired her first employee, Sarah Seidel, who has 15 to 20 years of experience as a Content Development Specialist. Seidel will be working directly with Class to develop content that evaluates the success of each client’s marketing strategies.


In regard to future initiatives, there are two primary strategies for Marketing with Class, says Class. The first is to sustain 100% of existing clients, and expand her client base by 25% in 2014. The second is to further develop their partnership with Barrister Marketing Group, a firm built as a collaborative effort to focus on building and implementing both traditional and digital communications for law firms. Class’ partners in this collaborative effort are Jay Fossett and Meredith Fossett of Strategic Advisors, LLC and Jodie Binning of Three Point Marketing.


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