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Liz McGavran, an advisor at Mobilize For Profit

Cutting edge customer engagement, growing your customer database, mobile-friendly website and services. If these are things you’d like your business to offer, Liz McGavran, an advisor at Mobilize For Profit can help.


McGavran was an interior designer for 25 years before beginning her journey with internet marketing. She came upon the opportunity when a long-time friend called with the idea of converting regular websites into mobile-friendly sites. The two decided to join forces and launch a new partnership. Mobilize For Profit was born in January 2013.


Today, Mobilize For Profit offers a simple formula. “We assess your current online marketing visibility and message,” McGavran says, “and then we place your business on the internet where motivated buyers are searching for your type of goods and services.”


For example, Netcare, one of Mobilize For Profit’s services, puts you in more than 100 directories and makes sure that your web information is correct. “The great part about Netcare is reputation management. If anyone posts something about your company, anywhere on the web, it will send you an e-mail notifying you of what’s been said,” says McGavran. Netcare is offered as part of a package – including a directory listing and reputation management for $1,500 a year.


Another service Mobilize For Profit offers is the ability to create custom apps. These custom apps include scratch off coupons, which provides a unique mobile engagement experience according to McGavran. “If a customer has a thumbs-up or thumbs-down experience they can express that.” she adds. “If someone presses the thumbs-down button it is sent straight to the manager by e-mail or text with that person’s e-mail, name and phone number so they can take care of it right away.” This custom app setup cost is $149, and then $18 per month.


Mobilize For Profit also provides the analytics, so you can track your user interaction and return on investment. “Some people want to be hands on and some people don’t,” says McGavran. “We teach them how to do it and what to do with analytics.”


Mobilize For Profit also just launched a unique new Wifi service that builds your customer base. “Let’s say you’re in a restaurant and you don’t want to use your minutes,” McGavran says. “You can sign into the Wifi with your Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail account. All of that information then goes to our dashboard where we can market back to your friends and followers based on how they signed up.”


Facebook automatically makes a shared post to the user’s wall and reaches out to all of their friends with a post that says, “I’m enjoying the free Wifi app” and will have space for a the business’ logo and information about the business, as well as a coupon that can be automatically shared.


In order to enjoy this free Wifi, “you simply have to agree to the terms of Facebook and say I’m giving you my information,” says McGavran. “It’s the first time that a company can get something back from offering free Wifi. It’s like having a big time marketing firm on a small budget because it’s only $100 a month.”


Mobilize with Profit can also offer free Wifi at outdoor events. “If people want free wifi, they just give their information, however, they can always opt out,” McGavran explains. “We call this ‘win-win wifi’. It’s good for customers and businesses because they get promotion and informed about events.”


Moving forward, Mobilize for Profit is setting its sights on bringing wifi to small business districts such as Ludlow, Clifton, Milford, High Park Square, and university areas. With this, wifi would be a business directory app serving as an advertising venue with coupons, food, and directions to assist people who are unfamiliar with the area or to bring in new customers.


“We’re all about helping small businesses compete,” says McGavran. “We want to help the local small business ideals – and Milford will be the first to try.”


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