Modulus Unleashes Developer Potential

Modulus Unleashes Developer Potential

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Modulus was accepted into the startup accelerator The Brandery to help developers build products

Infinitely scalable, with persistent storage and powerful metrics describes what the locally-developed Modulus has to offer.


Modulus was created to get developers back to building products. “My co-founders and me started the company after getting accepted to The Brandery startup accelerator,” says Charlie Key the CEO of Modulus.


“Before we started Modulus we were actually game developers,” recalls Key. The last game they created was a Facebook game, he adds, using a relatively new technology called Node.js.


“The company got started when building our game we found out there were no companies that provided a way to host it, so we had to do everything ourselves” explains Key. “We spent days getting a server spun up and configured correctly, when all we really wanted to do was build our game. And there were a lot of other developers going through the same thing we were. So we created Modulus as a place for developers to easily host and scale their applications.”


So, what makes Modulus so unique? “Modulus is a robust platform for applications, offering an end to end solution,” says Key adding that it includes Node.js and MongoDB hosting, WebSocket support, real time analytics, and more. “We provide companies a simple way to host and scale their applications in the cloud and save money while doing it.”


The analytics allow the user to know how their application is performing and offers informative insights if something does go wrong.


“The company is just over a year old and since inception we’ve built and launched a full product,” says Key. The Modulus paid product launched March 1, 2013 and has grown steadily since, much in thanks to being a part of The Brandery, a seed stage startup accelerator.


“The Brandery really does accelerate a startup,” says Key. “Just being part of the Brandery has opened doors and given us great opportunities to talk to a number of investors, partners, and other entrepreneurs,” says Key.


“We have thousands of users on the platforms running hundreds of production applications on there,” says Key. “One of the most important features of the platform is our statistics technology and we’re currently pushing over 200 million data points through this system every month and that’s growing extremely fast.”


Modulus helps in a number of ways. The first is by taking the burden of running servers off the development and technology team. “By doing this Modulus enables companies to spend time building products and this adds directly to their bottom line,” explains Key. On top of reducing personnel overhead Modulus also is able to run applications in the cloud cheaper than a company could do it itself because of economies of scale. In the end Modulus saves clients both time and money while giving them a complete solution all under one roof.


Modulus core mission is to deliver solutions that help companies save developer time and reduce costs. “Our vision includes taking this core technology that we’ve created and expanding it to cover more areas,” says Key. “The first expansion will be to help larger companies by providing solutions that an enterprise can use inside of their own data centers and infrastructure. We believe that we’re already created great solutions for a number of tough problems and the next step is helping get those solutions in to the hands of enterprise partners.”


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