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More with Les

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See how a local entrepreneur is leveraging Facebook, multimedia and live video streams to highlight small businesses across the Tri-State.


More with Les showcases local businesses and fun things to do in the area.

More with Les is an editorial-style show that spotlights local businesses and fun things to do, whether it’s food, entertainment, or business. The show uses Facebook as its platform, and through it, founder Les Fultz hopes to show companies that there is a lot of business potential behind producing video content through this platform.

Fultz first recognized the power of digital content while he was still running his cleaning business 2010. Fultz created short videos about his products and services and realized what a traffic generator it was for his company. After finding his passion in this side of business two years ago, Fultz began producing digital content full-time. “I knew the power of video and attracting awareness, engagement, and new business, so I jumped full-speed ahead and now we have a production studio,” says Fultz.

More with Les creates videos specifically for Facebook to showcase local businesses. “This was a great opportunity to show the power of video specifically on Facebook- to give people a taste of what it’s like to publish an episodical style piece of content that is fun and interesting and has some impact. I want these folks to gain some exposure and experience in what it’s like to get their content out through social media,” says Fultz.

The show started only three weeks ago, however it’s already reaching thousands. Within the first two weeks, the pilot episodes had reached over 25,000 people. “That’s where the non-traditional part of my business model comes in. Folks have to produce regular video content to have the opportunity to engage more material on Facebook,” says Fultz.

Fultz hopes to attract clients that have something interesting or exciting to share. Whether it’s business, entertainment, food, or a unique product, he is eager to help showcase your company and set you up for more exposure.

To request to be on the show and check out the pilot episodes, check out the More with Les page on Facebook.