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A local graphic designer is working one-on-one with customers to create custom apparel they love for any occasion.

The focus at Mount Apparel is the customer. “I work with individuals and small businesses to create custom apparel for any occasion,” says Founder Paul Homan. 

The sole employee of Mount Apparel, Homan wanted to provide customers the ability to create merchandise whether they approach him with a polished logo or a vision in their head of what they want to see.

“I work one-on-one with the custom, design their graphic, and lay it out on apparel for purchase,” he explains. “The process is ultimately aimed toward people who want to create custom apparel without having to buy in bulk or pay crazy expensive fees for a one-off order.”

The inspiration for creating a customized apparel business comes from Homan’s passion for sharing his creativity with others. 

“My goal is to use my skill set to fill the gap for custom merchandise for individuals and small businesses,” he says. “Connecting with people and giving them an opportunity to explore and create one-of-a-kind merchandise has been such a great experience.”

Homan’s background provides him with the skills he needs to run Mount Apparel. He works full-time as a product development engineer and operates Mount on the side as a self-proclaimed graphic designer.

Homan says that one of the best selling items from Mount Apparel are the custom vector illustrations of pets.

“The process works like this,” he says. “You send in a picture of your pet, I create a custom illustration of your furry friend, then send you a link for purchase of your pet illustration on merch. It’s that easy.”

Homan says that what makes Mount Apparel unique is its approach to one-on-one customer service, as well as his streamlined purchasing through Amazon.

“My platform is based through Amazon,” he says. “This makes the purchasing process super easy. Once we finalize your design, the product is then available for purchase through Amazon just like you would buy anything else (even Prime shipping).”

Additionally, organizations can find ease in ordering Mount Apparel products through Amazon with a link. “Rather than tracking down sizes, collecting money, ordering in bulk, and making sure everyone gets their apparel once it arrives, the gym owner would simply send out the Amazon link to interested members,” he says. “Mount’s process simplifies the process dramatically.”

The goal for 2021 at Mount Apparel is to work with more small businesses in the Cincinnati area. “Currently our clients are mostly individuals and a couple of places in Mount Adams,” he says. “We are looking to expand our reach and help our more local businesses create their own merchandise. If you are interested or know someone who could be, we would love to talk!”

To learn more about Mount Apparel, visit their website. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.