Movies & Mentors

Movies & Mentors

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Learn about a new campaign that’s bringing together the power of movies to influence culture with the power of mentors to change lives.


Generation to Cincinnati hosts Movies & Mentors to bring together adults and children in Cincinnati.

Movies & Mentors is a national program hosted by Generation to Generation Cincinnati and Inspiring Service that aims to celebrate mentorship and inspire adults to become mentors through the power of cinema. 

Movies such as The Karate Kid, The Lion King, and The Sound of Music all have one thing in common: a mentor.

The presence of a mentor with different strengths, different interests, and different perspectives can have profound influence on the life of a child, says Jenna Ruttkay, Director of Communications and Insight for Inspiring Service. 

“Movies & Mentors brings these influences together to begin a conversation around the impact of mentoring, and hopefully inspire more adults to consider this rewarding way to give back,” says Ruttkay.

A mentor can be a parent or grandparent, a member of your faith community, a teacher, a neighbor or anyone who is willing to share their time with a member of the next generation, but many children and young adults lack a single mentoring relationship, says program lead Katie Fiorelli. 

Movies & Mentors is working to inspire older adults to become mentors, so that everyone interested in being mentored has the opportunity to receive the powerful benefits of intergenerational mentoring, says Fiorelli.  

In our region, many different sectors have a need for mentors, says Ruttkay. There are many opportunities to work with children experiencing poverty, with 53.1 percent of children in Cincinnati living in poverty, (based on the findings of the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey), the second highest rate in the nation. However, all children benefit from mentoring, says Ruttway. 

Movies & Mentors are gatherings in which friends, family, neighbors or colleagues come together to watch a movie that features the power of mentoring and encourage others to get involved. 

Mentors can sign up online to host a Watch Party where you will then be provided with a Watch Guide that includes movie suggestions, a downloadable invitation, and discussion questions.

The first twenty people who sign up to host a watch party (they must list Gen2Gen Cincinnati when prompted to enter how they heard about the watch parties) will be provided with Movie Packs that include popcorn and candy for six. 

Currently, Movies & Mentors is hosting a giveaway of $500 in movie tickets. To enter to win, visit and nominate your favorite movie that features a mentoring relationship.

“All relationships in life can be educational in some way, but intergenerational mentoring is especially valuable, says Ruttkay. “The things we learn as kids stick with us throughout our lives. With intergenerational mentoring, you are bringing together an adult with a lifetime of wisdom and experience to share and a young person with an entire lifetime during which to learn and grow from it.”

To learn more about Movies & Mentors or becoming a mentor, visit