Moving Forward, Shaping Your Reality, LLC

Moving Forward, Shaping Your Reality, LLC

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When resume building and other tasks seem too daunting, this local career expert can help.

Coach Ericka Foley of Moving Forward, Shaping Your Reality, LLC is helping you down your professional path.

Feel stuck in your career? Need help finding your dream job? Not living your best professional life? Moving Forward, Shaping Your Reality, LLC may be able to help. 

Owner Ericka Foley says Moving Forward offers a variety of services such as career coaching, resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and various other training and development offerings. 

Foley was certified by the International Coach Federation to engage in career coaching. She says she enjoys helping clients out of their professional rut, hence the name Move Forward. Foley says she works with clients to develop action plans that actively help to reach their goals, which in turn, shapes their reality.

Coach Ericka Foley of Moving Forward, Shaping Your Reality, LLC

Foley says, “I have 20 years’ experience in career coaching. Since most individuals spend a large portion of their day at work, I believe it is important to work in a setting that is aligned with an individual’s values, mission, and vision. That alignment allows candid discussion with respect to career satisfaction, progress, and performance. If that alignment does not exist, it is imperative for individuals to learn to navigate the work place or development an action plan to find a better fit”.  

Foley says she works primarily as an executive career coach for women, but she’s also passionate about giving back to the community through her services. “I am a pro bono coach for veterans and have recently decided to reach out to college graduates who are struggling to find their first job or career fit.”

She says college graduates often times are not equipped with the proper skills to help them make proper usage of their degrees. On the collegiate level, there are resume building resources on campus, but no mandatory class offered to undergraduate, according to Foley, so Moving Forward helps to bridge that gap.

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