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101011CAREER.jpgWhen business, career and relationship challenges arise, your friends, family and colleagues are willing to offer you their advice. But Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus believes the best advice doesn’t come from others, it comes from you.

She says you have the solutions within yourself. As a seasoned personal coach and trusted advisor with more than 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive and owner of three businesses, Althaus knows what she’s talking about.

She launched Now & Next earlier this year, and through it, she has created a new method of coaching. Her innovative approach focuses on connecting and working through issues first on a personal level, and then connecting those breakthroughs to successes on the business level.  

“I help my clients develop themselves because that’s where the solution really lies and where the long term solution is going to stick,” she says.

For the past six years, she owned an ActionCOACH franchise, which is an international business and executive coaching firm with offices in more than 30 countries. Althaus says she loved seeing people in their “aha moments,” and helping her clients see how their personal life skills directly impacted the success of their business and life.

“Once they were solid in where they were ‘in the problem,’ the solutions and next steps were more evident and commitment to change was natural,” says Althaus. Now, as the owner of Now & Next, she helps clients create or remember their vision, concentrate on their strengths in communication and leadership, and where their skills may be lacking to ultimately help them develop a plan to grow themselves. And if there’s a team involved, Althaus helps the executive or owner get the team “on the bus” with them as they chart their new course.

Through Now & Next, she offers a variety of coaching services: one-on-one coaching, group coaching and a myriad of workshops. To find the best solution for her clients, she likes to initially meet that individual and see where they are in their life. Then, together, the client and Althaus work out the best coaching plan including the investment.

So far, according to Althaus, feedback on the new business and approach has been very positive. “I’ve been told this is exactly what people are looking for,” she says.

“I provide personal coaching for those who understand that what’s holding them back from success is a plan that’s within them,” Althaus adds. “It’s not about life coaching or business coaching; it’s personal coaching that allows the client to get out of their own way so they may self-discover their potential.”

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