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Oakley Artisan Roasters

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Fate and friendship brought together a group of experienced business people who decided to launch a coffee brand that stands out among the rest.

Oakley Artisan Roasters offers a variety of coffee roasts for a unique coffee experience.

When a group of strangers was brought together by fate, friendships blossomed and a business idea grew thanks to their shared love for coffee.  

The business idea became Oakley Artisan Roasters.  

“That connection rooted and grew immediately into the idea of a company that exceeds the expectations of the typical coffee experience,” says Oakley Artisan Roasters Managing Partner Tim Eckert. 

Oakley Artisan Roasters is a company of small batch, custom roast coffee that aims to produce something distinctly different from other coffee shops, with a focus on the customer and their experience. 

“Our mission has been to engage growth but at the same time keep our customers at the center of what we do each day and deliver a superior product experience, whether it be in a restaurant, coffee shop, at work, or at home,” adds Eckert.  

In addition to Eckert, the team behind Oakley Artisan Roasters includes Joe Krimmer and Beth Thress. Together the three owners bring to the business a variety of levels of experience that help to round-out their acumen.  

Their backgrounds include experience in the coffee roasting and custom coffee production industry, formal education in custom roasting for flavor extraction, management of national chain coffee shops, and 32 years in retail and whole distribution management and marketing.  

“We knew we could appeal to a broader base of customers and delight consumers while also supporting local, high caliber businesses and also financially supporting farms that we source from,” says Eckert. 

Oakley Artisan Roasters is based in Oakley and calls 3000 Robertson Ave. home. There you’ll find their new, large facility of nearly 8,000 square feet and where all of the products are located. In addition to having a home base, coffee from Oakley Artisan Roasters can be found at many small local retailers and attractions in and around the Cincinnati area including the Cincinnati Art Museum, Lehr’s Prime Markets, and Country Fresh Markets. 

Those who are unable to visit the area to shop local retailers can also utilize the Oakley Artisan Roasters e-commerce site. 

“Our customer base has grown to extend our reach from coast to coast, literally, as we have customers thousands of miles in any direction across the country,” says Eckert. 

When you shop Oakley Artisan Roasters, you’ll find 13 different beans and roasts from regions like Africa, Central and South America, Mexico, and others.  

“We currently roast, blend, and offer flavors totaling over 25 different varieties of offerings and that’s just our hot coffee,” he adds. “Add another few offerings when you factor in our cold brew coffees.”  

Lately, Oakley Artisan Roasters has been sourcing beans from farms that they know they can provide a truly positive financial contribution to. “Just recently, we have begun a new relationship with a farm in Honduras who deals in Fair Trade and provides economic stability to an entire community through his model of sustainability, fair wage, and focus on growing and exporting high quality coffee,” says Eckert. “It’s just a way to do business that we feel good about and we know every dollar we spend and subsequently sell helps to support an entire town.”  

Eckert says the team at Oakley Artisan Roasters is currently working on building out a new office as well as moving roasting and cold brew production into a single-visit, friendly space.  

“We are always watching the industry and looking for new ways to innovate,” he says. “Bringing new products to market and expanding our brand footprint as well as delighting our current and future fans is always at the top of our list.” 

To learn more about Oakley Artisan Roasters, visit www.oakleyartisanroasters.com. There you can learn more about their products and shop their e-commerce website. You can also keep up with them on Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/OARcoffee> and Instagram<https://www.instagram.com/oakleyartisanroasters/>.