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Obsess Worldwide 

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Two brothers turned their obsession into a business idea with high-quality, handmade accessories and apparel. 

Obsess Worldwide was founded by two brothers in Dayton, Ohio.

Luke and Jake Turner are dedicated. They’re dedicated to their hobbies and new-found skills, and they have been since they were young.  

Today, they are the founders of Obsess Worldwide, a handmade accessories and apparel brand based out of Dayton, Ohio. 

While the duo says they grew up looking at their “obsessions” in a negative way, they realized they were able to obtain the skills they need to create these items because of their obsession. 

“We were obsessed with our craft and now, after seeing the outcome of our habits, we see the positive side of obsession as well,” says Co-Founder Jake Turner.  

With the products they create, the Turner brothers wanted to bring together people from all over the world, thus giving the name Obsess Worldwide.  

“Worldwide came in to show unity,” says Turner. “I love the term worldwide because it includes everyone, not just a certain country or area. We all share the same home, and that’s Earth.” 

The world of creating is nothing new to the Turner brothers. They grew up at their father’s canvas shop called Gilman Canvas Products.

“He custom makes boat covers, enclosures, pool covers, etc.,” explains Turner. “By about age 18 Luke was there working full-time and developed his sewing skills very quickly. He was never one to turn down a job, and consistently tests his skills. While Luke was working there full-time, I was in college, working at Cheesecake Factory and teaching myself to become a photographer, and later on a videographer as well. After doing work for other brands, and realizing we possess the perfect skills to start something of our own, Obsess Worldwide became an idea.” 

Obsess Worldwide officially launched January 1, 2021, and their current inventory includes bags, shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. 

Obsess Worldwide stays true to its mission of providing high-quality goods rather than the cheaper, mass produced items on the market. “Even if we have to expand, we will keep the products genuine and always created with human hands,” adds Turner.  

The business is looking forward to the future as they create more products for their collection as well as custom-made products for customers.  

To learn more about Obsess Worldwide, visit www.obsess-worldwide.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.