Playground Coworks

Playground Coworks

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Local freelancers, rejoice! Learn about a new coworking space that provides a creativity-inspiring space to work from home away from home.

Working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, it has its perks like working in pajamas all day, but it can also be lonely, distracting and uninspiring.

Whether you’re a freelancer or just work from home, Playground Coworks offers creatives and telecommuters in the Tri-State a space to call their “work home.”

“Playground Coworks is a shared working space, where you can be part of a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners,” says Owner Ollie Kroner. “You can rent a desk, schedule a group meeting, or drop by.”

Playground Coworks is centrally located in Northside, above the Northside Tavern. The coworking space takes on a more casual, creatively inspiring, community-driven approach as opposed to other coworking spaces in the city. 

“These days so many people are working from home or from a coffee shop,” says Kroner. “Most people like the freedom of freelancing, but find joy in working around other creative people. Playground offers a setting where we can share ideas, work through challenges, or just take a break and have a friendly conversation.”

Playground mostly sees full-time creatives and others with creative side projects in its space, which offers an open layout, 14 individual desks, and separate meeting space. 

The goal behind the space is to encourage collaboration among its users, rather than competitiveness for freelance resources. In fact, Kroner says that there was even an instance where a logo designer and jewelry maker got together in the coworking space to complete a project.

There are several perks to becoming a member at Playground Coworks, including: flexible desks to share or dedicated desks for exclusive use, high-speed wired and wireless internet, use of conference room, 24/7 access with security codes, free coffee/espresso, storage for work items in the space, mailing address, and discounted web design and hosting.

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