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Mobile, female-owned, and ready to help you rebrand your company. See how this local PR firm can help you, your company, or event reach its full potential.

PR in Pumps is a mobile public relations group based in Dayton.

ROCK. ROLL. REVIVE. That’s the motto of PR in Pumps, a mobile public relations group based in Dayton. The firm, which works with a variety of clients across the Tri-State and beyond, promises to rock your project, roll in new clientele, and revive your brand.
PR in Pumps is female-owned and recently celebrated its first anniversary, and its name is a reminder of the femininity of the firm. “I really wanted people to know that this was coming from a female perspective. When I first started out, I noticed that there weren’t a lot of PR firms that were run or operated by women, so I thought it was really important that we play up the part,” says Samantha Elder, owner and CEO of PR in Pumps.

Samantha Elder, CEO of PR in Pumps

The company provides services in PR analysis and planning, media relations, public affairs, brand/personal image consulting, event promotion, crisis management, and social media strategy.

Due to their emphasis on the female gender and perspective, the majority of PR in Pumps’ clients are in the fashion, beauty, interior design, and fitness industries. “We do really well in the fashion and beauty because females tend to have a good eye for trending topics. The name is a good fit for our clients,” says Elder.

PR in Pumps also stands out for its mobility. “We don’t make our clients come and meet us in an office. We will come directly to your location and work around your schedule,” says Elder.

Currently, some of PR in Pumps clients include Yoga with Sabrina, Wavelengths Salon, and Naves Iron and Metal. “My clients range from experienced businesses to brand new,” says Elder, adding that PR in Pumps also does personal branding and branding for large-scale events.

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