Progress Toward a Purpose Mastermind Sessions

Progress Toward a Purpose Mastermind Sessions

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Ready to take the next step toward reaching your goals and creating the life you've always dreamed about? Learn about an upcoming workshop that connects, inspires, and engages.

Beginning June 22, Melissa Kirkpatrick of Find Your Own Drive is launching a two-week mastermind workshop. The workshop gives you access to the mastermind sessions, a self-care package of organic, handcrafted products from Earthganics, and a 21-day mindfulness daily email package. 

The workshop, called Progress Toward A Purpose – Successful Principles for Manifesting From Quarantine and Beyond, provides life-changing work that will not only inspire and motivate but also take you into the best version of yourself.

“When the pandemic happened, I wanted to help and what I could do to support others in this fearful time of their life and it became evident that I needed to offer a vision board workshop to focus beyond their current circumstances and manifest from quarantine a life that they love more than ever,” says Kirkpatrick. “And I did just that by donating my time to create the Virtual Vision Board Workshops. With over 300 registrations I knew my gift offered hope!”

Self-care package from Earthganics

The new workshop is a new idea following Kirkpatrick’s previous Vision Board workshops. “I started thinking how can I help these individuals further,” she says. “What seemed evident was that I need it to be able to personally connect with them and help them as they develop these vision boards and also create more effectively from a place of understanding the connection between their thoughts and actions.”

Kirkpatrick knew that she wanted to help others find progress toward a purpose, which led her to establish eight principles that she knows works and will offer others a cornerstone from getting from here to there quicker and more easily. 

The format for the mini-mastermind workshop includes motivated individuals who are ready to take action toward emerging from the pandemic strong and well-equipped to succeed. “Collectively the energy will ignite the power to achieve your goals faster,” adds Kirkpatrick. “I believe when we work as a group we can discover what is or isn’t working that may be someone else’s concern. The mastermind approach is the perfect way to engage, learn, and share with one another.”

The original price of the workshop is $147, but Kirkpatrick is offering it from $97 until midnight on June 19. Participants will receive a workbook with daily lessons, mentorship from Kirkpatrick, accountability, and support to make game-changing progress toward a purpose that will bring about the life you’ve always wanted.

You can take back your life and make real progress toward your desire future by registering for the mini-mastermind workshop at