QCMerge Drinkup

QCMerge Drinkup

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Some tech savvy social butterflies are getting together once a month to network, grab a drink and talk tech. Read on for details and how you can join in the fun!

The crowd at a recent QCMerge Drinkup event
The crowd at a recent QCMerge Drinkup event

Chris Ridenour and Chris Moore wanted to create an event in Cincinnati that would co-mingle their two developer groups. During the planning process, though, they realized a greater need: one for a social event that brought together individuals in technology and digital marketing fields to simply socialize and talk tech.

Fast forward to today, and their group, formerly known as the Web/Tech Drinkup, is now “QCMerge Drinkup.” It now serves as a monthly meetup where developers, designers and anyone working in the technology industry can get together, grab a drink and network.

“The original idea for the meetups was to get the various industry and technology-specific groups out of their secluded meetups, get together and socialize,” explains Ridenour. “No talks, no presentations, just great drinks and great people!”

Ridenour says the meetups have stayed true to their vision for more than three years now. Since their original launch in April 2012, Andy Jobe joined the organizing team and has been around to help out and pass out drink tickets. Even during that first drinkup so many years ago, Ridenour says that although it was the smallest ever event, there were still 30 self-proclaimed “nerds” who got together and had a great time.

Ridenour adds that besides that the first drink is always free, what he enjoys most about the drinkups is getting to see new faces at the event. “Everyone is there to talk about what they do and meet new people,” he says. “We have been credited with countless job changes in the tech industry and we know of one couple who met at the drinkup in 2012 and got married this year!”

QCMerge Drinkup meetings are held the first Thursday of each month, so the next one won’t be until October (but be sure to mark your calendars, tech lovers!). They’re held at Japp’s Since 1879 in Over-the-Rhine.

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