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Recycle Cincinnati

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Read more to find out how Recycle Cincinnati repurposes old items into high-quality pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

Recycle Cincinnati
Recycle Cincinnati repurposes and sells antique and vintage home furnishings.

They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and Recycle Cincinnati takes that to heart. Founded in 2014 by Jason Hertzenberg, Recycle Cincinnati repurposes and sells antique and vintage home furnishings such as furniture, lighting, framed art, lawn and outdoor ornaments, rugs, and other items.

While some items are sold as-is, most are restored with a contemporary twist. Recycle Cincinnati hauls items away with no cost to the original owner, saving them hundreds or thousands of dollars in removal and disposal costs, and allows usable pieces otherwise destined for the landfill to see a second life and be enjoyed all over again by other people.

In addition to taking items that can be restored, repurposed, upcycled, or reused in some way and selling new and improved versions of them, Recycle Cincinnati can also refurbish any in-stock item to a customer’s specific vision and even restore a customer’s own pieces.

These days, many people throw their stuff away as soon as it outlives its usefulness to them, even if it is still functioning and in good condition and could have value to somebody else. Hertzenberg says that Recycle Cincinnati realizes that “the quality of vintage furniture is far superior to much of what’s available in stores today. With a little updating or cosmetic repair, these pieces can be good for another century and beyond.” Recycle Cincinnati hopes to show others this.


Before founding Recycle Cincinnati, Deer Park resident Hertzenberg was “the go-to person when family and friends had something that they didn’t need but still had function and potential,” says Hertzenberg. He had “long appreciated the quality, care and pride that was put into things built and made by true artisans from our past.” In 2014 he decided to leave his job in the financial services industry and turn his hobby into a business.

Since then, Recycle Cincinnati has breathed new life into and awaken the potential of all sorts of hidden treasures. Hertzenberg’s vision can sometimes see what no one else can. In fact, Recycle Cincinnati has refurbished furniture in all sorts of creative ways, such as turning buffets into TV stands, a Victrola cabinet into a mobile bar station, and dressers into bars, vanities, and bookshelves. A marble-and-wood dresser transformed into a cocktail bar sold instantly.

Their work has even reached Hollywood’s attention. A mid-century modern sectional couch, which came to Recycle Cincinnati in perfect condition, was used in the Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead, and several pieces from Recycle Cincinnati were used in the 2016 movie A Kind of Murder.

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