Regency Business Solutions, LLC

Regency Business Solutions, LLC

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We chat with a local lady who took her father’s small business and grew it to offer a wide variety of promotional products and tools to help businesses market and thrive.

Amanda Arent, Founder of Regency Business Solutions, LLC.

A lot can happen in two years. In that short time, Amanda Arent took her father’s small and simple business into a booming business offering a wide variety of promotional products and business tools.

The business started as Regency Forms with Amanda’s father W. Schuler Arent. In the beginning, “General printing was the only division,” she says. “When the promotional products began to thrive, the name changed to Regency Business Solutions, LLC.” Today, Regency Business Solutions, LLC, located in Loveland, provides general tools for their business, such as promotional products, printing, and office tools. Some of the items offered are apparel, automotive, calendars/planners, awards/recognition, food, home, desk accessories, eco-friendly items, writing instruments, etc.

Amanda is the Managing Member of Regency Business Solutions, LLC, and she manages the day-to-day operations of the business.

Amanda’s experience in the business industry started when she was young. “Business has always been in my blood, I started selling Amway door to door when I was probably eight years old,” she recalls. “I do not think it is about knowledge of not knowing but just doing… I do what I can do and try to do it well everyday.”

Ever since Amanda got involved in the business, two years ago, “I have a great inspiration to keep growing the business and seeing it thrive,” she says, adding that she expanded the business through making, building and maintaining relationships with clients. “Our business defines success when a prospect becomes a customer and a relationship is made.”

With the many clients that the company meets with on a regular basis, Amanda says she doesn’t have a typical day. “Business is ever changing and I have to change with it,” she says. Amanda’s favorite aspect of the business industry is “seeing all the changes and rolling with the punches,” she says.

Amanda says her goal is to find the products and tools that will meet her clients’ needs and maximize their success. “Regency helps make their customers’ business successful by exploring their needs and creating a positive and creative solution,” she says. “My need to work, thrive and be successful is what gets me up in the morning,” says Amanda.

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