Reset Conference

Reset Conference

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Learn about a new conference coming soon designed to help you reset your mind, your story, and your relationships.

Reset your mind, your story, and your relationship with Reset, a community for face-to-face events and monthly Facebook lives to discuss mindset and hear stories of how people are overcoming obstacles and resetting their stories.

“We are helping each other move from fear and anxiety to joy and gratitude through conversation and resources and tools provided by our certified coaches,” explains Reset Founder Kendra Ramirez. “Your mind stops you from fulfilling your dreams. When we are in a good headspace, all things start to fall into place.”

The inspiration for the Reset community comes from Ramirez’s own life journey and work. “I feel like I have found a secret sauce to living a full life and I want to share it with others,” she explains. “13 years ago I was coming out of divorce and depression. Also, in the beginning stages of my first business in the midst of all of it. Good timing. It was a long road. I now live everyday with gratitude and joy. I have spent a lot of money and time navigating this journey and want to share it with others and hopefully they can figure it out quicker than I did.”

She wants to create moments for the community showing others that obstacles can be overcome. “I truly believe when people can see and hear that obstacles can be overcome they can do it for themselves,” Ramirez adds. “I call it the Roger Bannister moment. Roger Bannister was the first to break the 4-minute mile in 1954. Once he broke the four minute mile others were also able to do it because they knew it could be done. We want to create those moments for our community.”

To bolster its reach in the area, Reset is hosting an upcoming conference on October 18, with 119 attendees currently signed up to particiapte. The conference will feature 3 global mindset speakers including Sandra Vogel, Erin Fritts, and Patrice Borders, who will be sharing core mindset concepts and exercises. 

“This is not a sit and get,” says Ramirez. “The speakers will take us through exercises, table discussions, and journaling time.”

Sandra Vogel will speak on how to increase your positive advantage, Erin Fritts will be talking about the “Yeah, but” and Patrice Borders will be taking about self-compassion. 

“All of the topics are about helping us move out of the headspace of what is holding us back and going after what we want in our life,” says Ramirez.

Those who are unable to attend the conference can follow along with Reset through its web interviews featuring the stories of people from the community who have overcome obstacles in their lives and are thriving. “We have recorded six interviews so far and are looking forward to many more,” she says. “Let us know if you have a story that you would like to share giving someone their ‘Roger Bannister’ moment.”

This unique community by Reset is the first of its kind in the area. Ramirez says that while she’s attended many business and leadership conferences she’s never been to a mindset conference that is focused on helping women indiefty limited beliefs and things that are holding them back while providing tools and resources to work through those beliefs.

“This is so much more than a conference,” she says. “This is an ongoing community, a safe place to have real conversations. Women are good at sweeping things under the rug and saying ‘I am fine’ when we aren’t. We need a place to find our tribe. People who understand what we are experiencing without it being a negative dumping ground.”

Other than the upcoming conference, Ramirez says that she’s currently planning for 2020 events, including other cities and signing up people to be interviewed for our Facebook lives and web interviews. “We are addressing many topics like grief, divorce, depression, balance, happiness, resistance, time management, anxiety, imposter syndrome, etc.,” she says. 

To learn more about Reset, visit or follow along on the Reset Co Facebook page.