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Being a rockstar may not seem like the typical career, but for Brian Kitzmiller making music is just another addition to his business life. Kitzmiller splits his time between touring around the country and building his own Cincinnati-based marketing and media agency called Reveal Concepts.


Reveal Concepts helps develop small businesses through media planning, promotion and social media consulting. Kitzmiller uses his 13 years of experience in various media to help his clients. “I’ve done radio sales. I’ve been at Cincinnati Magazine. I took a job at City Beat for advertising director up until 2010,” says Kitzmiller. “I realized there were a lot of small businesses that I had met along the way that needed help or direction in their marketing but couldn’t afford it.”


As for the name, “I was thinking of something like uncovering ideas,” he explains. “I would create exciting events in the past so I believe in uncovering potential ideas or creative concepts. My company is about revealing those concepts that are available to you that you didn’t even know existed.”

Reveal Concepts has been a vital part for many projects and companies in the Cincinnati area. Kitzmiller and his colleagues have worked with companies such as Vitamin Water, Segway of Ohio, The All Night Party, The Redmoor, the Midpoint Music Festival, The Bunbury Music Festival and Riverbend Music Center.


“I was responsible for booking the MidPoint the unofficial day party,” Kitzmiller says. “I ended up booking 18 bands in over three days. I was helping on music events and helping them develop more revenue. It’s different a unique niche that I’ve jumped on.” He also handles all the media for Bunbury Music festival, sells sponsorships for Midpoint Music Festival, and helps coordinate events for clients. For example, he coordinates touring events through Segway of Ohio which are used to events to promote Final Fridays.


“Final Fridays are just a celebration of Main Street and Over the Rhine,” he says. “What I did, I started throwing concerts at the Segway stage. It started catching on and Vitamin water became a sponsor. We had bands playing from 5:30 to 8:30. It was a free show. Anything is really possible.”

While Kitzmiller tours internationally with his music career, he hopes to really make it big with small businesses as he expands Reveal Concepts into a full-service agency. “We’re kind of testing it out right now,” he explains. “We have a few clients we work with as kind of a trial run. I do media planning, but this is like the first step into jumping into that world. It’s a tough world.”


For other business owners, Kitzmiller gives the advice of paying attention to your relationships and having an open mind. “Live outside your bubble, he explains. “Business owners get so entrapped with what they’re doing that they forget other things around them that can help them out.”


The clients of Reveal Concepts continue to be grateful for the work his agency has done and he remains faithful to his concept of unveiling new directions and opportunities for local businesses. “I receive an excellent and very excited response. I give [business owners] some energy,” he says. “They start feeling like they can do something different from what they’ve been doing.”

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