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Learn more about the marketing firm started in a barn in Kentucky that’s grown to support numerous Fortune 500 companies.


“We know we need to grow, but we’re not sure where to start.” “We know our five-year vision but we don’t have a pipeline to get there.” “We have this amazing piece of technology, but what do we do with it?” These are all concerns of clients addressed by Seed Strategy, a growth acceleration firm located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.

Seed Strategy was founded by CEO Susan Jones in 2002. After having previously worked for a more traditional marketing agency, Jones was dissatisfied with the traditional model and wanted to develop her own, new vision. And with that, Seed Strategy was born.

Seed Strategy is a growth acceleration firm. This means the company aims to help clients achieve top-line growth and come to unique solutions with speed and agility.

“Jones wanted to create a sanctuary for the creative spirit. Our goal has never been to be the biggest agency, we just want to be the best for what we do,” says Robert Cherry, Chief Creative Officer.

Seed Strategy is a growth acceleration firm that helps clients achieve growth and find unique solutions.

Clients can receive services under the following categories: growth, fresh ideas, and moving people. Whether clients need help with business vision, brand renovation, new product ideation, or team alignment, Seed Strategy has the tools to reach a solution.

The company’s tagline is, “Where clarity grows,” explains Cherry. “We work upstream on a lot of innovation products. We are really adept at helping companies get real, actionable results and tangible things that they can develop and sell to retailers.”

Seed Strategy works with numerous Fortune 500 companies and has clients on every continent, excluding Antartica.

In their spare time, the employees of Seed Strategy put out an online magazine on creativity called the Fire Theft Project. “It’s an interview series with people who are in creative fields outside of our field. It’s a way for us to stay fresh and stretch ourselves,” says Cherry.

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