SeeSaw: A Family Social Network

SeeSaw: A Family Social Network

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(left to right) Candice Peters and Amanda Kranias, founders of Seesaw


No one knows how to balance quite as well as a mom-on-the-go. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, Candice Peters and Amanda Kranias, founders of Seesaw, have made it easy to organize the endless daily activities that come with being a parent.


Seesaw is a family social network that addresses the need for privacy for families while still allowing your most cherished groups to communicate. “Seesaw is the perfect place to connect with other families, classmates, teammates, neighbors and more,” says Peters.


“Families can send both group and one-on-one private messages, coordinate activities like play dates and birthday parties, centrally share to-do lists, create and share amazing personalized photos, and send family reminders,” she continues. Through this app, family members can see what each family member’s daily schedule is, make notes, and add to-do’s – all of which are automatically synced to Google Calendar, Outlook Exchange, or iCloud.


Peters and Kranias’ journey together began six years ago when their young children started school at Cincinnati Country Day School. Both had successfully launched other business and were working on new projects. Peters previously owned and operated Fit Mommies and The Body Shop, and Kranias founded Boutique 280. They immediately hit it off sharing ideas for their individual aspirations and discussing the Cincinnati startup ecosystem for businesses.


One day, Peters’ Kindergarten aged son was having a play date at a friend’s house. When she went to pick up her son, she was greeted at the door by the nanny, who informed her that her son was “somewhere in the house.” After searching the house room by room, she finally found her son sitting on a bed… playing Call of Duty!


The other little boy, who Peters’ son was having the play date with, was sitting beside her son yelling profanities at the television. “It was not what I had envisioned as a play date for my young child,” she says. The idea for Seesaw developed out of her desire to find a way for moms and parents to better communicate about events, including play dates.


Late in 2013, Peters started developing the business plan for Seesaw and shared her vision with Kranias, who was excited to be involved in the project.


Today, Seesaw is in the Beta phase and focusing on feedback. “We have a wonderful group of 100 moms that are testing the app for functionality and ease of use – the responses have been wonderful,” says Peters. “An idea that developed from wanting to solve a problem that existed for parents has turned into a rapidly growing product.”


Peters and Kranias look forward to bringing Seesaw to the marketplace. “Creating an app that will offer a helpful service to moms, moms just like us, is what pushes us forward,” Peters adds. Their goal is to create a family of apps geared towards busy moms. The app will offer solutions to every day organizational problems while creating a fun way to stay organized.


“We are projecting that we will launch SeeSaw to the public in early fall of 2014,” says Peters. Seesaw will also be building a virtual town hall so parents can interact and share advice with each other from anywhere in the world.


A huge perk of Seesaw – it’s free! When the app launched it will be free to download on iOS devices. An Android version will be introduced later in the year.


For more information about Seesaw, visit There, you will find information on fun things to do with your family around Cincinnati along with helpful tips and recipes. Seesaw is also currently competing in the Cincinnati Innovates contest to win up to $20,000. Click here to view their entry and vote.