She Gets It in Order

She Gets It in Order

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Jamie Sebens could be called an organizational guru. As the owner of Working Order LLC, she’s spent the better part of the last two decades helping clients and businesses get to the heart of the matter when it comes to being organized.


"I really work to help the client get to the core of their organizational problems, and I try to help people have lasting life changes," she says.


Sebens says she incorporates wellness coaching, neuro-linguistic programming coaching and emotional freedom technique into an individualized process that focuses on the reasons behind an organization problem or problems. She usually carries around six clients at a time. Neuro-linguistic programming coaching is an approach to psychotherapy and organizational change that helps people communicate more effectively. The emotional freedom technique has clients focus on a specific issue while an acupuncture point on the body is tapped.


"Through this process, we help people explore the pieces of their lives," says Sebens. "It’s about thinking in terms of categories, movement and flow."


Sebens started her company after spending years in California as a professional organizer. She started out helping people clean up and straighten out their clothes, household goods and such. She says she began to realize that organization was about more than just tidying up. Sebens moved to Cincinnati in 1992 and brought Working Order with her.


"Getting organized is a personal journey," says Sebens. She says she’ll work with clients for varying amounts of time, from as short as three weeks to as long as three years.


Sebens works on everything from creating filing systems to helping improve work flow and the flow of a client’s day. "These days, we have to handle much more than we ever did," says Sebens. "I help people detox their homes and their offices, and it just helps them to focus."


Sebens says it’s the kind of specialized work she can’t imagine not doing. "There are so many elements to efficiency," she says. “I absolutely love what I do and that I can help clients to see a new light."


Sebens has seen clients improve the quality of their lives and their self-esteem through the process. "The depth of this work is just amazing," she says.


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