Shoestring Strategies/The Marketing Collective 

Shoestring Strategies/The Marketing Collective 

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A local marketing firm is redefining strategy and creativity by hand-selecting experts to bring your brand’s vision to life. 


The Marketing Collective offers marketing, communications, and other marketing consulting services.

Shoestring Strategies is a marketing, communications, and strategic impact consulting firm supporting organizations in Greater Cincinnati.

Recently, Shoestring Strategies has changed their brand name to The Marketing Collective, but their goal to deliver smart strategy combined with targeted creative for every client on every project has stayed the same, according to Founder and Chief Client Strategist Kara Williams. 

Shoestring Strategies was founded in 2013 when Williams, who has worked in marketing, communication, and community engagement roles for over 15 years, saw a need for nonprofits and small business without a marketing department to be able to attain affordable, top quality, external marketing expertise. 

“I saw so many small businesses spending money on marketing and it wasn’t working,” explains Williams. “Their strategy wasn’t in place. They were working so hard, but the results weren’t there.” 

The client roster continued to grow and projects went from annual marketing plans and strategic guidance to ongoing management of the client’s marketing program. In 2015, the Shoestring Strategies’ team expanded and at the end of 2017 the firm rebranded to The Marketing Collective due to postive growth. 

“The rebranding doesn’t change who we are or how we do business. It explains what we do better and positions us for continued success,” says Williams.

The Marketing “Collective” is comprised of hand-selected experts; writers, designers, social media experts, videographers, web developers — that are chosen to be an exact fit for the client’s needs. Each team is customized for the client. 

Williams says their target customer are companies and organizations looking for a long-term partner. 

“Strategy is used as the foundation of any relationship we build or project we tackle,” says Williams. “We believe that marketing has evolved to a new place that considers all the brand touchpoints to best communicate with consumers in an authentic and effective fashion.”

The services provided at The Marketing Collective include strategic marketing plans and executional documents, brand development, content marketing, graphic design/creative services, social media management, and virtual marketing teams. 

What makes The Marketing Collective unique is their desire to be an extension of the client’s term, serving as a marketing department in most cases, and that most of their work is done virtually to keep costs down, says Williams. 

“No frills, no fuss, no uncomfortable trendy office furniture, just top-quality work,” laughs Williams.

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