Small Business and Big Dreams

Small Business and Big Dreams

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Melissa Flohn, founder of Small Business and Big Dreams

Melissa Flohn knows the ins and outs of structuring and building a business. She’s been a small business owner since 1987, is the co-owner of internationally-known La Crema Coffee Company, and she just recently launched a business consulting business called Small Business and Big Dreams to coach others.


“I have worked with numerous women in businesses that call me at all times of the day with questions,” says Flohn, adding that an acquaintance recently told her that when making difficult decisions she asks herself “what would Melissa do?”


That’s when Flohn decided she needed to start her own consulting firm. “I shared the comment that the two women made with my husband, he agreed that I should be getting paid for the knowledge that I share on a daily business,” she recalls.


Flohn says she now works with clients on a per-project basis, with a pricing structure that starts at $50 per hour for a minimum of one hour. Clients come to Flohn with questions, such as: When should I launch my business? What do I name my business? Who do I contact about licensing? “These and many more questions are all questions that someone who is starting a business needs answered,” she explains.


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So, what makes Flohn’s consulting business unique from others? “I have a degree in business followed by 26 years in business,” she explains. “I’ve had more experience with business in every dimension. Not just as a teacher or a student, but I have lived in daily and made all the sacrifices of success.”


Another benefit is that Flohn researches retail trends. “Every day, I study buying trends, colors, fads, spending habits and what my market is buying,” explains Flohn.


As for what’s on the horizon for the consulting business, Flohn plans to build a network of other women that her clients can depend on for sound advice. “I currently work daily with an attorney that can help my clients with trademarks, such as branding specialists and accounting assistants,” says Flohn, adding that she hopes to further connect this network together.


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