Stress Less. Teach More

Stress Less. Teach More

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Monica Scalf, founder and chief creative officer of The Playground Group, LLC

Have you noticed how stress levels are on the rise? Want to find out how to teach others how to stress less and enjoy life more? The Playground Group can help you with their Independent Representative Certification Program.



The Certification Program is a fee based, eight-week online training program for people who are ready to change the world by teaching stress management workshops. The training classes are all taught via video accessed through the Internet, with a live coaching component offered each week as well. “It was important to me that the certification class be accessible to individuals who also have a full time job. With this setup, they can learn at their own pace on their own schedule,” says Founder & Chief Creative Officer of The Playground Group, LLC, Monica Scalf.


“Stress isn’t going away any time soon, and people need to be reminded how important it is to learn constructive ways to deal with stress to avoid burnout and the negative health effects that come with unchecked stress,” says Scalf. “I need people who are willing to teach others how to do that.”


Whether you wish to start your own business or add The Playground Group’s ready-made workshops to your current training business, they can teach you how to build a profitable, passionate business where you can use your new teaching and speaking skills to make a difference in the lives of others. “The world needs people who are enthusiastic about helping people create a life with less stress and more joy. I’m trying to find those people and help them to get started,” says Scalf. “As Independent Representatives of The Playground Group, they will be teaching material that has been proven to work based on the feedback from our past workshops. Plus, they’ll get individualized support from me as they grow their business.”


Scalf decided to offer the Independent Representative Certification Program because many times, after The Playground Group seminars and events, participants would approach her and ask, “How can I do what you do?” This course, and the coaching that goes with it, teaches a person everything he or she needs to know to market, deliver and create income from teaching stress management workshops. “Our workshops are an easy and practical way to reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace,” says Scalf. “With some hustle and the right support, our Independent Representatives will be able to quickly recoup their investment because so many organizations need what we are offering.”


Scalf says there are only 10 participant spots left for the initial class, which starts September 10. “I’m not just searching for an unlimited number of people to participate in this program. I’m searching for the right people who feel a deep connection to helping people have more fun and less stress in life,” she explains. “Our methods are creative and memorable, and someone who loves to share positive, practical information with others is the ideal candidate. If they have the enthusiasm and desire, we’ll provide all of the content and strategies to make this a viable part-time business for them.”


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