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They may have their roots in Cincinnati, but this eco-friendly company can take you global. Read on to see how.

Mark Sund, Director of Sund + Co.

Sund + Co was founded in 1998 as an advertising, branding, and website building company for small, growing brands and companies in the Cincinnati area. By valuing customer service and attention to detail, Sund + Co works to bring each company to its highest potential.

Director Mark Sund works alongside designers Sarah Crawford and Jennifer Powers to provide powerful branding for their clientele. “For all clients we offer a personal experience, data-driven practices, and nearly two decades of experience,” Sund says. “Cincinnati is often referred to as the customer science capital of the world and we’re happy to be part of that.”

Sund + Co not only works to build a successful future for their clients, they’re working to do the same for the environment, too. “Our studio is fully powered by green energy: electricity is 100% wind-generated, purchased from Cincinnati Bell Energy, and natural gas is carbon-neutral through offsets purchased from NativeEnergy. Of course we recycle and walk to lunch too,” Sund explains, who adds that being an eco-friendly company came to be a main priority quite naturally. “Individually we all feel this way. It was a natural progression to start the discussion and take steps to make the company more eco friendly.”

Sund describes his company as “creative and innovative, but also organized and disciplined,” which are all qualities that smaller companies often appreciate. “Smaller companies are growing and always looking for new opportunities, and they’re more interested in new ideas. So we can be a bigger part of guiding and establishing their brand across all channels,” Sund says. “We focus on our clients’ needs, where they’re starting from, and where they want to go.”

To learn more about Sund + Co, visit and see the love of what they do.