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Rachel Pitman, owner of Sweet Pea Spaces, went from nutrition counselor to interior designer. She now
specializes in designing nurseries and children’s bedrooms. 

Changing jobs from a nutrition counselor to an interior designer might not seem like the most common career move, but it was the right one for Sweet Pea Spaces owner Rachel Pitman.


Pitman has been decorating since she was 10. “In high school, I became obsessed with decorating, scrap-booking, and began to move into wood crafts and customized items for the kids I babysat for,” says Pitman. “Letters, jewelry boxes, birdhouses you name it…and I was good at it.”


It wasn’t until two years ago when Pitman thought about making her hobby her career. “I made wooden letters to put on walls and vintage frames and my friends wanted some and then their friends wanted some,” recalls Pitman. “My friends would ask for suggestions on paint colors or curtains and one day I realized, I can get paid to do this.”


Sweet Pea Spaces specializes in nurseries and children’s bedrooms. “I absolutely adore kids! I nannied for several years, so I love working with kids,” says Pitman.



They offer a very unique, creative, and customized space for your nursery or child’s bedroom. Pitman handcrafts one-of-a-kind items and personalized art for each project and selects decor to compliment. Incorporating your ideas and desires, they create a special space just for you and your little bundle of joy.


“I like the fact that I can focus on one room. It’s not as overwhelming as a whole house,” says Pitman. “I like to make the rooms as unique and personalized as possible.” Which is why Pitman also likes to make handcrafted items for the rooms she works on. “You can’t get the things that I make at Pottery Barn or some high-end furniture store, just from me,” adds Pitman.


For specific projects, Pitman gets her inspiration from the children she is making the room for. And when she likes to experiment, she goes to Pinterest and home décor blogs to get inspired. “I can get ideas from other peoples’ projects as well as learning new techniques that I can use when making my own projects for clients,” says Pitman.


Pitman also has some tips for homeowners who need inspiration when redoing their own homes: If you have the money hire a decorator. “They don’t only come in and completely redo your house. They can come in for an hour and give you suggestions on what they think will go well in your home,” says Pitman. Go to thrift shops and garage sales for those pieces you can spice up and decorate your house with. “You can do a lot of things by putting your personalized touch on them. And don’t judge something by the way it looks. You can always redecorate it into something beautiful,” says Pitman.


Although she specializes in children’s rooms and nurseries, Pitman knows her way around the home when it comes to decor. To find out more about Sweet Pea Spaces, visit their website at www.sweetpeaspaces.com.