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Nick Cromydas, TapFit Co-Founder

With so many on-demand services – from food delivery and flicks to TV shows and taxis – one locally launched business wondered why it can’t be the same for fitness.


“We built the world’s first mobile-only marketplace for fitness classes, so gyms and studios can fill their open classes and consumers get pay as you go fitness in their pockets,” says Scott Lieberman founder and CTO of TapFit.


The way TapFit works is quite simple. First, you download the mobile app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you download and open the app simply input your location and automatically a list of nearby gyms and studios with open classes will be available. “If you see a class you want to take, you’re just one click away from purchasing and reserving your spot,” says Lieberman. “Then show up at the gym and you’re all set!”


TapFit was founded by Nick Cromydas, Scott Lieberman, and Zack Martinsek. Two of these local co-founders are former Division I athletes, so fitness has always been important and a big part of the company culture. “However, the true spark for TapFit came as a result of our own frustrating experiences with gym memberships,” says Lieberman. One of the co-founders was forced to relocate to a new city for work, and when he tried to cancel his gym membership, they wouldn’t let him do it without a penalty.


TapFit’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android launched in September. “We’ve been working with the awesome folks at The Brandery since June,” says Lieberman.


TapFit is part of the 2013 cohort at The Brandery, a startup accelerator based in Over-The-Rhine. TapFit was built from the ground up at The Brandery, and lends much of its early success to the support of people there and the Cincinnati community in general. When people think about technology, they often think of Silicon Valley and New York City, but the Cincinnati Tech community is an awesome, growing, vibrant community, as well.


TapFit is free to download and use. You only pay when you book a class. “We partner with local gyms and studios to offer discounts over their normal drop-in rates, so you’re getting a great deal too,” explains Lieberman.


The horizon brings many promises for TapFit within the next few months. TapFit will continue to add more gyms and studios to our network here in Cincinnati, including yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, dance, martial arts, and boxing. “It’s all about getting the community engaged and helping them stay fit and healthy,” says Lieberman. “After Cincinnati, we’re looking to expand to a few other markets, including Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.”


In addition, TapFit hopes to be sponsoring a charity event sometime in November that combines fitness and a unique Cincinnati location. Details are not finalized yet, but should be announced soon.


For more information, visit their website www.tapfit.co or Facebook page.