Tee Off to Close Deals

Tee Off to Close Deals

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Taylor Glen and Lindale Golf Clubs are making a concerted effort to be more businesswomen-friendly

Gone are the days of golf courses being “good ol’ boy” clubs. At least, that’s how it is at Taylor Glen and Lindale Golf Clubs, according to Missy Kirkpatrick who runs the family-owned properties with her husband, Dusty, and her two sons.


Kirkpatrick is focusing her efforts on creating an environment in which businesswomen can relax while playing a game of golf – and maybe close a deal along the way. Growing up around golfers, Missy explains, “It was there in the beginning, but I never had the opportunity to participate.”


However, the opportunity to play the sport and learn the game arose when she quit teaching and was offered to go in as partner of Taylor Glen with her husband and father-in-law, who did all of the activation work to develop and build the two golf clubs.


Missy Kirkpatrick


“It started out as an investment opportunity for us, but then it became more of a passion,” says Missy. “Now there’s a desire for me to want to get more women involved in the sport and create opportunities for them to utilize – whether it’s for business or pleasure. I think it’s definitely a sport that women can be good at if they feel comfortable in an environment where they can learn and not be intimidated by men.”


According to Amy Ostigny, who co-owns The Strategic Connectors and frequently plays at Lindale and Taylor Glen, what makes the golf clubs special are their different league and venue options. “One of the big summer trends we are seeing right now is more couples who are looking for different options for date nights. So for couples wanting to play golf, they offer a mixed couple league on Friday nights,” says Ostigny. “Another thing that is really special is that because it is woman-owned, there are a lot of ladies leagues. I play in a league on Wednesdays and Missy makes us feel very comfortable on the course, which is important because women in business need to start golfing more like men do in order to make deals on the golf course.”


Kirkpatrick will also be offering a golf academy with clinics for women. As a self-taught golfer of nearly four years, Kirkpatrick has progressed to “A” player status. She’s now passionate about teaching, coaching and helping others learn the game of golf.


“Another thing that makes the courses special is that many women are looking for venues to hold events,” says Ostigny. “The club is also available to rent as a venue for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversary parties, fundraising events, and any other big celebrations – it’s not just a golf club, it’s a venue destination.”


On the weekend, nine holes at either club are $19 and for 18 holes are $32. “What is really unique and special for me is that I take my son there to play and it’s very affordable. It’s not overcrowded, and as a woman golfer I appreciate being able to take my time and relax,” says Ostigny.


Lindale and Taylor Glen also holds fundraiser golf outings. On Friday, June 13th, Lindale Golf Club will be holding The Strategic Connectors 1st Annual No-Mulligan’s Open hosted by Amy Ostigny and Colleen Wietmarschen, to benefit Relay for Life and Go Nola. “We would like to get 100 more golfers, both men and women, and we have about 15 vendors left,” says Ostigny.


To participate in this event of “Golf, Fun, and Shopping for a Cause,” a vendor table can be purchased for $60 or you can partake as a golfer where nine holes, a cart, lunch and appetizers are included for $60. Strategic Connectors will be giving out prizes for events such as lowest score and longest drive, and will also have a big raffle of donated gift items as well as a pot for charities.


To register for the cause, contact (513) 403-0301 or to learn more about Lindale and Taylor Glen Golf Clubs call (513) 707-7300.