The ABCs of CBD

The ABCs of CBD

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From reduced anxiety, aches and pains to better sleep, mood and energy, a local OBGYN explains the benefits of CBD and why she now offers it at her practice.

Dr. Amy Brenner is a board-certified OB/GYN, but she most recently underwent training to obtain another certification in functional and antiaging medicine. It was there that she learned a lot of information about CBD and the many health conditions with which it can potentially help. 

The new information about CBD and how it’s changed lives only just became legal in the state of Ohio this past summer. That’s when Dr. Brenner began taking CBD for herself to treat chronic sleep issues from delivering babies for the last 15 years.

“As we know, babies come all hours of the day and night so I think that really messed up my sleep,” says Brenner. “I have taken so many things to help me sleep over the years and none of them really gave me restful sleep.”

That’s when Brenner was introduced to CBD. “After just one month of taking it it was life changing for me,” she says. “I no longer have to take the majority of the things I was taking for sleep. CBD has helped my mood and I’m also taking it for some things that are occurring on a cellular level that I’ve researched including regenerating neurons in my brain, which is important to me because I have a family history of dementia. CBD has been so life changing for me that I had to bring it to as many people as I could.”

That’s when Brenner decided to bring CBD to her patients. Not only does Brenner educate her patients on the benefits of using CBD and began offering the Zilis line in her office, but she also teaches them how to find a good, quality CBD product.

Brenner found that CBD was working for her, and that’s when she took it upon herself to learn more about the potential health benefits of CBD. “There are so many health benefits of CBD but the main reasons why people are choosing to use these products are for mood, sleep, aches and pains, and bowel issues,” says Brenner. “Some patients are losing weight taking these products. It also decreases inflammation, which is the root cause of so many diseases.”

CBD products offered by Brenner at her practice are unique in that about 90% of the product can be absorbed by the body. “These products are absorbed at 90% whereas other products are only getting absorbed at around 4-6%,” she adds.

Brenner says that when choosing a hemp product like CBD, you should always make sure that it’s organically sourced. The Zilis products she carries are organically sourced and every bottle comes with a QR code on it so each batch has a certificate of analysis that can be pulled up from scanning the QR code – letting you know exactly what’s in the product.

“This means there are no unwanted, unhealthy ingredients such as pesticides or heavy metals that have been found in other hemp-based products on the market,” says Brenner. 

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