The Forever Tree

The Forever Tree

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New shared entrepreneurial space downtown encourages businesses to grow together. Learn more about it and their upcoming grand opening event.


There are many hurdles to jump in order to get a new business off the ground. A new collaboration for locally owned businesses aims to make that process a little easier. “The Forever Tree is a collaborative workspace located in a downtown storefront,” says Faith Puckett, founder of The Forever Tree. “The meaning behind the name is that we are a collection of small businesses that all grow from the same tree.”

Puckett was moved to create The Forever Tree through the experience of owning a small business herself, Forever Faith Photography. She explains, “I started Forever Faith Photography in 2010 in a small one room studio at The Pendleton Art Center. I have worked with and gained business from so many other small business owners. I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. My vision with The Forever Tree is to create a networking and supportive group to teach them all the things I wish I had known when first starting my business as well as to learn from them.”

The Forever Tree is the first of its kind in the Cincinnati community, being geared specifically toward creative businesses. Puckett explains, “[At] The Forever Tree, new businesses are able to “test out” a physical location without all of the typical expenses of a startup, which sometimes leads to failure…I feel that I have been much more successful with partnerships I’ve made with other businesses than I would have been attempting it alone.”12916155_615360975281429_3662807845557107955_o

This unique spirit of support and collaboration fosters an environment where many different kinds of businesses can thrive together. Currently, The Forever Tree is home to photographers, caterers, bakers, massage artists, event planners, and makeup artists. The Forever Tree does currently have openings for more businesses. Puckett explains her plan for the venture moving forward: “Once we are all settled, I’d like to work with the other businesses on guiding them through the steps they might need to take and help them connect with others who can also contribute to the success of their business.”

The Forever Tree’s operating hours are currently by appointment, with hopes to be open daily for regular business hours as the vendors grow. The Forever Tree is located at 132 West Court Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 and the grand opening is June 19. To learn more about The Forever Tree, visit