The French Crust Café

The French Crust Café

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Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel recently opened the French Crust Cafe on Vine Street

Between the skyscrapers, bustling traffic, honking horns and hurried people walking to and from work, you might not expect to get a slice of the ever-romantic Paris in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. But now, thanks to Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel who recently opened the French Crust Café, you can.


“I was inspired by the location,” says de Cavel. “When I found out that the space was available I believed this would be a good location, so close to the Table, for the café that [Chocolatier] Jean-Philippe and I have been talking about doing together for a while.”


The French Crust Café is located at 915 Vine Street, and just down the street is Jean-Robert’s Table, located at 713 Vine Street. With the close proximity, de Cavel has been able to use the French Crust Café to expand business for both businesses.



The ambiance is of a charming little French café, a respite of the hustle and bustle of downtown Cincinnati, serving breakfast and lunch. There, you can enjoy their made-from-scratch French dishes or order for takeout.


According to de Cavel, freshness and quality products are of top priority at the French Crust Café, and that’s what makes the café different from others around it. “As soon as you enter the café,” he explains, “the first thing you notice is the aroma of the fresh baked pastries in the morning.”


Ranging from children to elderly, the café caters to anyone who is in the mood to go to Paris for a moment. “If you were to have breakfast or lunch at a café in Paris, you would think you were eating there again as you walk into the French Crust Café,” says de Cavel, “with the smells, small dining room and the reasonable prices. Prices range from $1.95 to a little over $10.”


As for the future of the French Crust Café concept, the sky’s the limit. “If I feel there is a demand,” he explains, “my wish is to open more French Crust Cafés in other neighborhoods so more people will be able to enjoy the experience.”


For more information on the French Crust Café, visit them on Facebook.