The One Day Brand Makeover 

The One Day Brand Makeover 

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Two local experts are teaming up to help entrepreneurs revamp their website, branding, beautiful images, and social media strategy in just one day. Read on for more.

Branding is key for businesses, especially in today’s digital-dependent world. But it’s confusing to know where to start and overwhelming to think about how long it’ll take once you do. 

Enter, the One Day Brand Makeover. It’s a new service that aims to revamp and launch your brand, website, and imagery in a hands-on, one-day makeover. This unique concept is the brainchild of Kaleigh Turner, Cincinnati-based brand stylist / educator, web designer, Certified Showit Design Partner, and Amanda Donaho, Cincinnati-based brand mentor, photographer, and founder of the IlluminareRetreat for female business owners. 

This branding duo originally came up with the concept while taking part in their own one-day brand makeover. “It wasn’t long ago that we sat side-by-side as she created my new branding and website – in a day,” says Donaho. “She (Turner) was able to crawl around in my mind and put to paper the ideas I had but couldn’t express well. The back and forth between us at her computer allowed her to get fast feedback from me and left to amazing branding and web design done in a flash. Together, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the process. We’ve created an experience that will leave no piece of our client’s brand untouched. Head-to-toe, they’ll have a perfect look that truly represents the business they’ve spent so much time creating.” 

What types of services will be included in the day? There are over 15 services that will offered for clients to take part in to revamp their business. Turner and Donaho will assist in: 6-part Brand assessment to refine your message and brand vibe, Designing new custom primary and secondary logo workmarks made with your ideal client in mindleading into your one-day makeover, Color Palette and Font selections, Implementation of your new brand images, Website launch, Modern headshots that represent you and your brand, 3-5 outfits / looks, Fully customized Showit template restyle (from Kaleigh Turner Creative’s high-end templates) Wardrobe consultation, Personalized social media strategy and coaching session, and more. 

For a complete list of services, you can visit their website: The One-Day Brand Makeover will take place five minutes from downtown Cincinnati in Donaho’s new studio space. “For our out-of-town clients, we will send a travel guide prior to their makeover so they’ll be well-equipped with information on the best places to stay, visit, and eat while in the Queen City,” says Donaho.

The journey to watch The One Day Brand Makeover come to life has been a journey for both Donaho and Turner. “For me, it’struly two-fold: I get to do what I love by giving people what they’ve always wanted, a brand that will elevate their business and bring in their dream clients, while working with my ridiculously talented friend, Amanda,” says Turner. “We work really well together and that’s part of what makes this experience so unique – our clients will get both of us, together, side-by-side as we bounce ideas off of each other in real-time.”

“I’m so passionate about helping entrepreneurs break through the noise to dig into their unique skill-set & offer that to the world in a way that attracts their ideal client,” says Donaho. “I love seeing everything come together in one day – and sending someone out our studio doors with not just a beautiful brand, but the knowledge of how to continue to implement their new brand going forward.  Kaleigh and I have a combined experience of 26 years in our respective fields, and the combination of knowledge we bring to the table makes this makeover dynamite.” 

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