The Perfect Pair Behind Morrison and Me

The Perfect Pair Behind Morrison and Me

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Many people fall in love in a shoe store. But it’s usually with a great pair of pumps or a cute little kitten heel. But for Amy Gaudio-Morrison and Tim Morrison, owners of Morrison and Me in O’Bryonville, they fell in love with each other.

They met while working as representatives for BCBG. After a few years, they decided to stop traveling so much, and settled down in Cincinnati. The Morrisons eventually brought their unique sets of expertise together and started their own shoe store.

Since its grand opening in October of 2005, Morrison and Me has been providing local ladies with cute kicks that won’t break the bank. The Morrisons say they seek the latest trends, but they also focus on finding shoes that are comfortable. They shop for shoes in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. Gaudio-Morrison says, “Las Vegas has the largest shoe show in the world. People come from all over the world to shop there.”

Morrison and Me also often features local artists, and shoes that will make you green with envy. “We like to find products that are green or recycled,” says Gaudio-Morrison, noting a shoe of theirs made entirely of paper was recently featured in Lucky Magazine. “It put us on the map. People from all over the country would call us to order that shoe.”

Having been around the shoe industry for so long, the couple strives to buy the type of shoes that they like, which in turn attracts a certain type of customer. But their customers do vary in age – 17 to 70 according to the Morrisons – so they focus on carrying a large assortment of styles to accommodate everyone.

Although working with your spouse might seem like, um, a bit much for some of us, this pair wouldn’t have it any other way. “It can be challenging, but for the most part, it’s fun because we like the same things,” says Gaudio-Morrison. There is nothing better than being able to work with someone you completely trust. She says they stick together through “the good, the bad and the ugly,” which also happens to be her husband’s cell phone ring tone.


Photo courtesy of Morrison and Me