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The Style Service

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It’s not always easy to let someone new assess your wardrobe and re-vamp your image.


Stephanie Bohn, Owner and Wardrobe Consultant of The Style Service, knows exactly what it takes to put the style back in your lifestyle without judgments or unattainable standards.


Bohn launched the business as a solo entrepreneur in the summer of 2010 in Austin, Texas. She had been a photo shoot stylist for magazine clients like InStyle, People, Us Weekly, Entertainment Weekly and retailers like Neiman Marcus, JC Penney and Barney’s New York.


Working as a stylist in the fashion photo world was a natural progression into wardrobe consulting for Bohn. “The difference is, at The Style Service, I work with ‘real people’ instead of models,” says Bohn. “Real people are so much more rewarding. I become not just a personal stylist, but a friend, therapist, concierge and cheerleader for clients. I love the feeling I get when I see that glow of confidence from one of my clients when they walk through the door looking amazing.”


“I really felt the draw to help ‘real’ men and women with their “real” wardrobe issues with “real” budgets, so I decided to launch The Style Service,” says Bohn. However, as the Style Service began to grow, so did the client base – requiring the training of more stylists.


“This was a blessing, because two years after starting The Style Service, I was offered a Senior Style position with Amazon,” says Bohn. “It was a wonderful opportunity and I knew that if I left Austin, I had two talented stylists who would continue to work with our existing and continue to grow the business in that market.” Two years later, The Style Service Cincinnati was launched.


The Style Service offers sorting, shopping, and styling. During the sorting portion, they work in your closet and decide what to keep, what to alter, what to donate and what new, key pieces will best enhance your wardrobe.


The shopping portion is where they target stores for the most flattering, style enhancing looks to compliment your wardrobe and your body. “No matter what your budget, we have relationships with stores around town and know where to find exactly what will work into your existing wardrobe,” says Bohn. “We pre-shop for you, so you can simply step into a well appointed fitting room, find what works and step out feeling fabulous.”


Next is the styling portion. Following your shopping trip, your stylist will come to your home to integrate the new pieces with your existing favorites. “We’ll mix, match and accessorize,” says Bohn. “Then digital photos of all the combinations will make getting dressed in the future a snap!”


Together, this is called the “Sort, Shop, and Style” deal, with a price tag of $650 for nine hours. Any of these components can be purchased individually for $75 an hour.


“We want the whole experience to be uplifting, from the minute we walk in the door and start working with you in your closet, to going shopping in a “stress free” environment, to the final integration of the new with the old,” says Bohn. “We want the experience to be fun, because while it’s important to look your best and project the best possible version of yourself, fashion is fun and need not be taken overly seriously.”


When looking to the future, she hopes that the business will continue to grow. “Within the year, we will have two stylists on the west coast,” says Bohn. “On another note, I don’t want to be too coy or cryptic – but we are working on some exciting projects that I can’t divulge right now.” Today, The Style Service has stylists in Cincinnati, Austin and Miami – with Men’s Styling Specialist, Dustin Hubbs – available right here in Cincinnati.


“We want to make the process informative and fun – approach each client with sensitivity and respect,” says Bohn. “Our goal is to enhance who you are and help you feel comfortable and confident in your own fabulous shoes.”


To learn more about The Style Service, visit or check out Bohn’s photo styling website at