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Jodie Binning, founder of Three Point Marketing

They say it takes a village to raise a child. “It takes a village plus some,” says Jodie Binning, about being a mother of two while also running her business, Three Point Marketing.


Binning is a seasoned marketing professional who left Corporate America to start her own business in 2011. With more than 16 years of marketing experience, she brings passion, energy and determination to each client and project. Her relationship marketing knowledge is extensive. She has been recognized for her strong leadership and coaching ability, as well as her initiative to help others succeed.


After graduating from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Binning quickly decided journalism wasn’t the career path for her. “A good family friend, Dave Zimmerman, hired me in to his financial services firm as a Client Communications Coordinator,” says Binning. “For six years, I traveled every week, working as a Marketing Consultant to financial service providers around the country but the travel was getting to me.” When Binning and her husband had their second child in 2010, they decided a change needed to be made.


In July 2011, Binning took a leap of faith and opened her own marketing consulting firm, Three Point Marketing. This specialty firm works specifically with professional service firms and individuals such as attorneys, accountants and financial planners. “We work as an outsourced marketing director for firms who either don’t have the need for a full-time person or their in-house person has too much on their plate,” explains Binning.


Three Point Marketing is unique, according to Binning, because of its niche speciality. “If someone has a service they need to help market, we can most likely help them,” says Binning. During her tenure with a large financial institution, Binning developed, managed, promoted and evaluated a marketing program that became the national format for the development and growth of an elite sales force. She now uses those best practices to assist her current clients, professional service firms and individuals. “I help people who offer a service or solve a problem and have a desire to build a relationship with their clientele,” explains Binning.


So how does Binning balance being a business owner and a mother? “‘You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at the same time,'” she says, reciting one of her favorite quotes. “When I left my corporate job, I left great security and the opportunity for big career advancements,” she adds. “But I gained the ability to get my daughter off the school bus, coach her soccer team, and tuck my children in to bed each night. I gave up the big corporate career to help with the balance of my mom duties.”


So what’s new on the horizon for Three Point Marketing? “In 2014, with the help of our intern, I have vowed we will do better,” says Binning. “Part of it was raising my hand and saying I need help, I can’t do it all, or at least I can’t do it all very well.” Finding an additional team member to focus on business so Binning can focus on her clients is the plan.


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