Time-Saving Work from Home Tips for Busy Professionals

Time-Saving Work from Home Tips for Busy Professionals

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Remote work and hybrid offices have become a fixed part of millions of people’s lives. Whether you’re cruising along or still struggling to find a good work from home rhythm, it’s important to find ways that make your day easier. When you’re at a virtual desk, it can be hard to disconnect and recognize that your home really isn’t just a place to do your job. These time-saving strategies will help you accomplish more and achieve a greater work-life balance.

Plan Your Meals

Pre-made salads and sandwiches should always be in the fridge to make your lunches easy and nutritious. Whether you want to get groceries delivered to your doorstep or still enjoy a weekly run to your local supermarket, make sure you take time to figure exactly what’s on the menu every week. This prevents you from overspending on last-minute takeout and eating overpriced, unhealthy frozen meals. Although it might seem like it takes more time at first, meal prep actually helps you stick to a better budget. You’ll be able to know exactly how much you need, how much it should cost and get the bulk of cooking out of the way on weekends so you never wind up standing in front of the fridge wondering what to eat.

Tackle Bills Online at One Time

Cell phone bills, utilities, rent/mortgage payments and other expenses should be tackled as closely together as possible. You’ll save time by ensuring everything is always taken care of before or on its due date, and there will be less time wasted logging into slow portals to make payments throughout the month. You can even use the internet to order essentials like your Ohio medical marijuana card. The ultra-fast process costs $99 and takes 15 minutes. You aren’t charged until you’re approved, and it’s an easy way to simplify your self-care without leaving home.

Mix Exercise with Other Activities

Take the dog for a 30-minute walk or practice some cardio-aerobic moves while you tend to the housework. Chores can pile up when you’re constantly occupied with work, and if you focus too much on what needs to be done around the house, you’ll likely find yourself falling asleep after another long day hunched in front of the laptop with little to no exercise. Fitness doesn’t have to be complex to be effective; do some calf-raises while you wash the dishes, some squats while you’re folding laundry and leg sit-ups when you’re on the couch.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Turn off the TV, install a website blocker during work hours and schedule your social media breaks. Remote work-life can quickly become a hub of distraction with so many temptations within reach. In an eight-hour workday, 10 minutes per hour scrolling through your feed costs you an hour and 20 minutes of productivity. If you are prone to distraction, try designating a distraction-free work zone in your house that helps you get into the right mindset. You can also download some apps that make it easier for you to stay on track. Notes, planners and time-trackers are all great tools to improve focus and discipline.

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